Scene Naming (TVDB Naming Conflicts)


To help make things easier we’ve decided to setup google forms for submitting new Scene Naming exceptions. This will let us manage this a little better as well as have an easy to view list so people can check if something has already been requested. We’ll update the submissions view once we have added the exception. I have setup a daily notification when a new submission is made (I’ll get an email once a day), but if its been a few days and we haven’t added it, please let us know here or on IRC.

If the alternate name is listed on the series details page in Sonarr then the alternate name has already been added and making a second request will not solve anything (but will waste our time as we need to verify every name submitted), please double check before adding to the list. If there is an issue with the existing alternate name, please respond to this thread with the details and explain why its wrong.

  • If the title is the exact same in both columns your request will be rejected
  • If the issue is for an anime series, it will be rejected (Thats what TheXEM is for)
  • If the issue is numbering (season/episode) and not naming, it will be rejected (Again, thats what TheXEM is for)
  • If the release has the year the season started airing(QoQ releases), it will be rejected
  • If the conflict was already added, 2 hours or 2 years ago, don’t add it again, look before you add it. Aliases that have already been added to Sonarr show at the bottom of the series info on the series details page
  • If your previous request was rejected, open a thread on these forums with more information to explain why you think it should be reconsidered
  • If the release is poorly named (mixing quality into the title or no parseable information, such as season & episode number, date, etc) then we can’t help

You can submit new mappings here:
The Form

And view all the submissions here:
The Submissions

As always, let us know if you have any questions.

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Would this include cases where it seems a show should be treated using date-based episodes rather than number-based episodes? NZBDrone is not finding Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon episodes and I’m not sure the appropriate way to report things like this. Thanks!

TVDB ID# 85355
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Example NZBs:


It doesn’t, but there isn’t really a process for “daily show” issues. I have added Jimmy Fallen. It should update on your end when the episode date refreshes (every 12 hours).


Awesome. Thanks!


Also I think it could be nice to be able to do this from nzbdrone. In the “Edit Series” dialog, we could have a manually overide series name field. This could be usefull for most foreign series and animes series.

Btw great job on NZBDrone V2. The first version was not enough to make me switch from sickbeard but V2 is awesome, especially the manual search feature


Likely we’ll add some way to submit it from the app, but we have no plans to allow it to be manually set because for some series there is more than 1 alternative name and by doing it in a central place we can fix it for everyone.


I submitted an entry to fix an incorrect mapping for Low Winter Sun. The original submission in the Submissions spreadsheet has The Scene Name and The TVDB names reversed. I just wanted to explain why I submitted it when it already exists.



Actually the issue is they have since reversed the naming, S01E01 uses the scene name with US and S01E02 doesn’t and the TVDB added US to the name…

Fixed now, thanks for explaining @NFZ4m7u6 probably would have missed that one.


Can someone delete my submission for The Guilty (2013). I think someone beat me to it. Sorry about the duplicate.


@shedrock - by about a week :stuck_out_tongue: Just marking it as complete.


Just submitted a request for Wonderland :wink:


Just added a request for Dragons: Defenders of Berk.


@jason28 said:
Just added a request for Dragons: Defenders of Berk.

  1. I get alerts when someone submits a new request, I don’t need a second alert from the forums. (@w0tha)
  2. I don’t see a single release with the title “Dragons: Defenders of Berk”. “Dragons: Riders of Berk” is there (drone removed all spaces and special characters and then converts to lower-case when matching, so it will match). If you have a specific example, let me know.


Defenders of Berk is the new subtitle for the series. The new season just started on Thursday night. Here is the release that I have: Dragons.Defenders.of.Berk.S02E01.Live.and.Let.Fly.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.AAC2.0.H.264-iT00NZ.


I have added…


to the list although I dont really think it should be in there as it is not a “true” series name so dont think it can be mapped the same way?


@jason28 - thanks for clarifying - it added now.
@Harroguk - Its just going to get picked up as QI, its not going to check the episode title.


Nevermind.The.Buzzcocks.UK added to the list.


@Harroguk - Feel free to bump this if its been a couple days and I haven’t added it, but I already get alerts from the Google doc, which means I get 2x the alerts when you also bump this post.


No problem, I didnt know if you had alerting set up on the DOC, I wont bump anymore, it just looked like that was the done thing by reading the thread.