Feature Requests

Rename anime file and folder with japanese name (1)
Option to pick a language or lock show current info downloaded from thetvdb (2)
Russians torrents (1)
Cancel in-progress download when an upgrade is grabbed (4)
Restrictions profile (4)
Mark downloads as failed based on MediaInfo (5)
New shows don't download due to duration not yet set on thetvdb.com (5)
RSS Sync Interval option with wanted episodes (3)
Request: Leaked Option (7)
Seedbox Intergration (4)
Add a field in the tag list for “Where I watch” (i.e. viewing venue) that is user-selectable (2)
Suspend connections during import (2)
Automatically detect "dead" series, deleted on thetvdb (3)
Add protected status in addition to monitored and unmonitored (5)
Number of results (records) per page (2)
Create sub quality categories (5)
Health Check for V3 (4)
Enable Sonar to download from Netflix (3)
Allow users to manage their own files if they want to (3)
Allow adding shows that are still only "Announced" (3)
Youtube-dl Support (5)
Rename anime with japanese name (2)
Series Priority (9)
Plex Update using API Key (4)
Choose number of items on Activity History (3)
System: [Disk Space] takes forever to load with lots of btrfs formated drives (3)
Add the option to mark which episodes have been watched (3)
Quality Cutoff Unmet Auto-Scan (4)
Better use of second client for torrents (6)
Make Sonarr search titles of TV Shows instead of using TVDBID (7)