Season Finale complete show in tv show list

I just wondering if can have a season finale status show in front page. it will be really help to chose the tv show to start binge watch.

i using sonarr v4

Create a new custom filter:
Next Airing not in the next 4 months
Status is Continuing

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thanks but it wont work if there is no next season air date announcement. take an example of tv show “Ahsoka”. may be we could use if there is another option Next Air Date “UNKNOWN”

Ahsoka is currently classed as Ended, but yes it doesn’t seem to work if there’s no confirmed next date. Not sure if that’s intentional.

You could change it to Previous Airing not in the last 1 weeks (or change it to 2 to be safe). That would mean you have 1/2 week delay, and for some reason it doesn’t work is the last season isn’t monitored. Again, not sure if that’s intentional.

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