Customizable Quality Res Titles

For imports and automatic searches, I’d just like for a custom quality profile to label shows as generic “1080p” or “720p”

Basically, where I am pulling in stuff from, release titles often don’t include WebDL. So the generic catch all for a title with 1080p in title or metadata is to label it “HDTV-1080p”. Well this sucks cause it not only names the file that, but it affects what it tries to pull in later cause it thinks it’s worse than another release I didn’t want labeled “WebDL”

Everything (new) in this category (anime specifically) can only really be Web or Bluray. I just want to have a “1080p” category for anything 1080p, WebDL, WebRip, HDTV, maybe even Bluray too.

I’m trying to keep all these in 1080p AV1 encodes but many of these AV1 encodes come without super detailed release titles. With HDTV-1080p labeling, Sonarr will often just go and delete these specifically curated AV1 files for an AVC or HEVC file cause it’s labeled WebDL or Bluray, despite my extensive Preferred wording formats and even reorganizing the resolution quality profiles list

Basically I just want to be able to create a custom “Quality” or “Quality Grouping” and set the keywords and metadata that slots it into those groups and have it be a real Quality title. Even better if it could also associate a codec type (video and audio) to the ordered list, and not just a preferred word weighting.

My Standard Quality Grouping

Anime Quality grouping

Anime Shows

Standard TV Show

Here’s a good example of how the Quality profiles overrule my custom preferred terms that just happened. This is to show that the custom preferred terms wouldn’t be a real solution.

Sonarr is queuing up a download of a 2160p x264 file with a score of +60 when there’s a +430 1080p file I’d much rather have


you have already grouped the different WEB/HDTV variants so sonarr will see them as all the same quality - even if you had the ability to rename them it wouldnt make any difference.

manual search results have no bearing on what sonarr saw in the rss feeds - dont compare them. the only thing they are good for is making sure your quality and preferred words are sorting correctly.

ie, if its seen the quality correctly, and it has a higher preferred word score in a manual search, then if it saw it in the RSS feed then it would “win”. most likely is that it hasnt been seen yet.

check the logs to see if it was in there or not, and if it was, why it was rejected.

Yet this isn’t what I always observe and even if that does happen:
1 - I risk having an actual HDTV rips being confuddled with high quality WebDLs
2 - I have Quality profiles and filenames that don’t reflect what I have

I don’t how it is difficult or a problem to be able to come up with and apply my own Quality terms/names instead of hardcoded baked in ones

In fact, I should be able to even override a quality title with a set of custom words detected in the release title such if I know an expected release like: [Breeze] Goblin Slayer II - 06 [1080p][AV1][multisub] (weekly) or [Sokudo] Juuni Taisen | Zodiac War [1080p BD AV1][dual audio] is something I am expecting, I should be able to put a custom format searching for the release group name breeze or sokudo, similar to customer format detections like in Radarr or Sonarr v4, and override the Quality profile to to a predefined like `WebDL-1080p’

i think i read your question slightly wrong. you want to change the quality name because the person that uploaded it set it incorrectly, eg they used HDTV when it should have been WEBxx?

soanrr wasnt written that way to begin with, its hardcoded to use those tags to define quality. i doubt theyre going to give control of that over to the users. it would be too simple for them to break it.

at least not yet anyway. one day they may turn the whole quality thing into a bunch of customisable rules. the quality profiles we have now are a stepping stone to that but i dont see it happening any time soon, although i havent checked whats in v4

in the mean time if HDTV rips are not meant to exist then take that quality out of the groups and disable them so those dont get downloaded at all. it might limit whats downloaded but it should remove some of your issues.

They’re not labeled as HDTV, just “1080p” and “1080p” to Sonarr defaults to “HDTV-1080p”

Here’s an example of the release titles and what Sonarr was fighting against me on. Sure I “fixed it” by rearranging the quality title order, but I’m not going to manually rename every new release download to webdl-1080p, it ruins the automation.

you have all the 1080p variants in the same group so the only reason its going to grab another one is because the preferred word score increased.

its possible your filename format is losing some of that data so it ends up with a lower score at the next check but the only way to see if that might be happening for sure is to look at the logs.

you can also can also check the score for the grabs in the history. mouse over the info icon for each grab and youll see the score, it should increase until it gets to the japanese audio download. if its lower or the same then you might have the filename issue above.

i presume we can ignore the (manual?) season pack that was downloaded at the end?

note - having the quality as preferred words wont really help unless you put all the qualities into the same group to effectively make sonar quality blind and then it would upgrade based solely off preferred words (and language).

That’s the only way to do it for now I guess

The language detection is filename only and no one ever bothers to put that information in their releases unless it’s not Japanese or English audio

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