Why indexer does not search all titles?

Current Behavior

Movie available in multiple languages, but in indexer searches only English’s language. Example:
Peace! Friendship! Bubblegum!
2020, Series #380993
Alternate Titles:
Мир! Дружба! Жвачка! … Peace! Friendship! Bubblegum! … Mir! Druzhba! Zhvachka!

I assume it should search all the titles, including alternative.
Also, It would be nice to specify in settings what description language I want to se, like in radarr. The description for this serial available in several languages, but i see ony english.

Expected Behavior

expected to see description in other language, and to search in indexers with all names, including multiple languages

Sonarr searches for any titles and aliases it’s aware of, it doesn’t search for releases under other titles or TheTVDB aliases.


What you are asking for should be handled by your indexer site if you use one.

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