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This might have been asked before, but the few threads I found did not push this enough. The quality setting is good when searching for old content. But the quality sliders will never upgrade content like custom format when better releases are available. So for example, you get a 1-gig release and later a 5-gig release is uploaded of the same resolution. Yes, larger bitrate is not always better quality and yes, there are different codecs, but usually everyone uses the same codecs nowadays. And larger bitrate will correlate largely to quality. Nowadays, I’ll use size custom formats along with a lot of others to hope I get a better release along the way. The problem with size is that the play length is largely different between shows and Sonarr does not differ between seasons and episodes, making it even less useful than Radarr. So please make a custom format or similar so you can specify upgrade until: for example, 10 Mbit for 1080p and 20 Mbit for 4K content. And yes, you can go for maximum file size for remux but 100 Mbit is just unnecessary and will not only tax the storage but also the network. 20 Mbit for 4K is usually enough and over 40 Mbit, I can no longer see any differences to remux. So I usually want to keep it between 20-60 and optimally around 40. So about half size remux.

To be clear with bitrate i mean size/length ie the information the quality setting already use to exclude releases. With that i could make a rule so that lower size/lengt material get lower score than higher and that way would be upgraded. for example 1GiB/h to 2GiB/h would be upgraded with something of 2/GiB/h to 4GiB/h and so on.

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You might find this website interesting:

Instead of focusing on size, focus on different aspects of the releases, like groups and audio/video metadata. This will help you grab the best releases where possible, or upgrade to them.

Not really. Some 4k releases are around 90 gig for the remux and 12 gig for the rip. The rip is obviously bit-rate starved and has compression artifacts. Now ill need to allow for a too big file that will need trans coding during streaming or take the bit starved release with all the right audio/video/colorspace but bit starved. Whatever i chose ill now have to manually check down the line if there is a better release because there is no good way to do it with custom format. I could force a stricter quality but then ill have no release instead until the quality is satisfied.

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