Season folder format for specific series/season

I have certain series for which it would be preferable to have a different Season-folder naming convention.

e.g. British programs are often downloaded as “Series 1” , “Series 2”… which is logical for their origin. I have at least one other program where I use a season naming of “US Season 1”. For a show like Mythbusters, where the TVDB seasons are broken down by calendar year, using “2005”, “2006” would be a more logical naming.

I would suggest that it would be useful for individual series to be able to have a custom season folder naming convention field in their configuration.

I understand this wouldn’t allow for something more exotic like the Mythbusters year (there’s no “year” token for season folders). To that end, I would also suggest that it would be equally useful to be able to manually edit the folder name for a specific season of a show. Sonarr actually does a good job of finding episodes if I manually rename old season folders, but if I rename the current season folder from “season 5” to “US season 5”, it will create a new “season 5” folder and put new episodes in there. Being able to tell Sonarr the name to use for the “Season 5” folder would avoid this.

This would also help just generally with series that users want to add more detail to like Survivor “Season 01 - Borneo”… “Season 02 - Australia…”

It would also help with “revival” series that TVDB considers to be “season 7” of one long series, but which the user wants to mark as “Revival Season 1” or something like that.

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