A way to set preferred size and set size limits by show

I’ve been trying to rebuild my library recently and decrease the size of episodes. Example 1 show was a total of 1.5tb for 20 seasons, and so far I’ve gotten around 17 seasons back at 176.6 gb. I’ve recovered close to 20tb of file storage by doing this.

However, I keep having to tweak the limits for file sizes and as I look, increase the file size allowed by a fraction, search for the episodes, tweak it again if I don’t find everything, rinse and repeat. But because Sonarr doesn’t grab the smallest allowed by default, it’s causing other shows to download larger than they need to while I do this.

Being able to set a preferred size like Radarr, and being able to restrict the sizes per show if desired would be very nice to do. Especially since I use a number of the same indexers for both.

I like the idea of setting size per show. I current have 2 show that every time a episode is grabbed it’s 5 to 10 times the max set size. All other shows respect the size limit.

quality definition as profiles we can assign as required would be nice

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