If Full Folder path of a files is to long the files can't be imported nor scanned by sonar

I’ve noticed that if the Full Folder path is too long then a show fails to import with Sonnar
if you manually copy the file into the Season folder, scan it with Sonnar. Sonnar will not see the files. But if you shorten the path then Sonnar will see the same files. and will import the files that it couldn’t before.
So the example below will have a problem with shows/anime with really longs name but not with shows that have shorter names
D:\Media\tv{Series TitleYear}\Season {season}
D:\Media\tv{Series TitleYear} {imdb-{ImdbId}}\Season {season}
So the request is to make Sonnar work with longer folder paths. Cuz I don like using D:\Media\tv{Series TitleYear} {imdb-{ImdbId}}\Season {season} on Windows.

Thanks, yeah I’ve already " Enable Long Paths in Windows 10" so I’ll just work around it for the title with real long name thanks for the reply.

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