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Manual season mapping changes (skipping XEM) (15)
Sonarr & radarr improvement (4)
Global User Setting Ignore Specials (3)
Other input path in Show (2)
Ability to move Data to another folder (2)
Alternative backend to tvdb? ( 2 ) (21)
Include "Downloaded nzb..." line in info log for statistics (3)
Priority download (1)
Scan Folder before Upgrade (4)
Viewing Option for Selected Show in a Season (1)
V3 mouseover list of preferred word matches (1)
Anime Fetch updated episode (1)
More control over file sizes (7)
ADD SHOW BUTTON: the Radarr Improvement that Sonarr should incorporate (9)
Oneom API support (1)
Sonarr will 'upgrade' a file with multi-channel audio to one with stereo audio (3)
Add a Manual Search button for Complete Show (1)
Search on Episode name (2)
Rename anime file and folder with japanese name (1)
Option to pick a language or lock show current info downloaded from thetvdb (2)
Russians torrents (1)
Cancel in-progress download when an upgrade is grabbed (3)
Restrictions profile (3)
Mark downloads as failed based on MediaInfo (4)
New shows don't download due to duration not yet set on thetvdb.com (5)
RSS Sync Interval option with wanted episodes (2)
Request: Leaked Option (7)
Seedbox Intergration (3)
Add a field in the tag list for “Where I watch” (i.e. viewing venue) that is user-selectable (1)