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Drobo App for Sonarr ( 2 ) (31)
Link to Radarr in the top right (4)
SSH/SFTP support for remote shares (1)
Season number format (4)
Confirurable "home page" (3)
Reduce clicks for manual search (1)
Allow multiple resolutions to be downloaded (2)
Allow us to manually blacklist from the manual search (2)
Remove unnecessary "disks" from System > Status (7)
TVmaze support, for the sports (2)
Add Size of download to table (2)
Make folder input field in Manual Import case-insensitive (1)
"Upgrade" notification seperate from "On Download" (1)
Disable parser and use torrent name information instead (1)
Moving Shows To New Drive (2)
"Quality" Branches Dedicated to HEVC / x265 (9)
Download episodes at least ? hours after airing ( 2 ) (29)
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Sort order for Select Series dialog when manually importing episodes (2)
Restriction per Indexer instead of general or a NoRar option (1)
Select quality based on resolution instead of file extension (2)
Radarr has "discover new movies" Why has Radarr not "discover new tv series" (14)
Trakt.tv integration (2)
Tags on Wanted page (2)
Feasability of adding a Read Only user (2)
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