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Alternative backend to tvdb? (9)
Create sub quality categories (4)
Health Check for V3 (3)
Enable Sonar to download from Netflix (2)
Allow users to manage their own files if they want to (2)
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Youtube-dl Support (4)
Rename anime with japanese name (1)
Series Priority (9)
Plex Update using API Key (3)
Choose number of items on Activity History (2)
System: [Disk Space] takes forever to load with lots of btrfs formated drives (2)
Add the option to mark which episodes have been watched (2)
Quality Cutoff Unmet Auto-Scan (3)
Better use of second client for torrents (5)
Make Sonarr search titles of TV Shows instead of using TVDBID (7)
"Quality" Branches Dedicated to HEVC / x265 ( 2 3 4 ) (69)
Two languages in one profile (4)
File size increase (2)
Default to {season:00} (7)
Trakt List Support (2)
Manual Import, Quicker Mapping (3)
Seagate Personal Cloud (5)
Update the windows version pls! (3)
Add remux support in profiles (2)
Limiting a TV show to a specific indexer (2)
Quality based on Series Type (2)
Add an 'Update All Indexers' Button When There Are Indexer Errors In System Tab (Like Lidarr) (4)
Import from disk - already exists - update path (3)