[Solved - External Auth] Disable Authentication for all addresses

I know this was supported before, so I hope we can bring it back. I have sonarr setup on a kubernetes cluster running behind an nginx ingress and vouch proxy. It’s protected by an OAuth provider. I’m the only person who can sign in. There’s no local address to connect from because sonarr itself is not exposed on my local network. The only way is through a subdomain configured to reach sonarr specifically.

I get the idea that authentication should be used, but I don’t understand why forcing it has been decided. Is there no way to force disable auth through config files? If so can we institute an “I fully understand the ramifications of disabling auth” setting to disable auth.

This is covered on the FAQ: Sonarr v4 FAQ | Servarr Wiki

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This effectively just says there’s no way to disable auth generally saying “This is also increasingly required by Trackers and Indexers.”

So are you saying this change was made because Trackers / Indexers said they want Sonarr to do that?

This FAQ doesn’t specify a way to disable all auth.

Edit: yes it does I can’t read

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  • External - Configurable via Config File Only
    • If you use an external authentication such as Authelia, Authetik, NGINX Basic auth, etc. you can prevent needing to double authenticate by shutting down the app, setting <AuthenticationMethod>External</AuthenticationMethod> in the config file, and restarting the app. Note that multiple AuthenticationMethod entries in the file are not supported and only the topmost value will be used

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