Feature request - Simkl Lists (ability to import from recommendations / personal lists

Hi, I have simkl pro and one of the best features is AI driven recommendations lists.

I want to be able to pull straight from these lists into Sonarr without having to go into each list, browse it, and add the shows into a ‘watching’ list first.

The list looks like it’s in the same format as the other lists. It’s just at a different endpoint.
i.e. existing feature-
ht tps://simkl.com/1234567/tv/watching/
new feature-
ht tps://simkl.com/1234567/list/56789/simkl-recommendations-for-greatidea-tv-shows-v2
ht tps://simkl.com/1234567/list/09876/testlist

Custom lists like recommendations are part of Simkl V2 Beta, which does not currently have an API for custom lists while it’s in beta.

Can you reword that?

To me that reads as they’re the Simkl v2 beta but not in the v2 beta?

Edit : do you mean the Simkl v2 api has custom lists but they’re unavailable while it’s in beta?

The API for Custom Lists has not been developed yet. Currently, https://api.simkl.com only offers API for Watchlists.