qBittorrent announce configuration in sonarr

In autobrr there is additional configuration for qBittorrent announce to help with racing/build good ratio.

Why is it needed?
Initially when setting sonarr up with qBittorrent I set no delay for it which resulted in poor ratio as there are 0 seeds available when adding found matches and even having Initial State as “ForceStart” the match was only grabbed after next announce (30 minutes).
As a workaround I have set delay in autobrr for sonarr matching filter. As this is not ideal, hence a request to include similar announce feature to sonarr as autobrr has for qBittorrent.

this should be it GitHub - ckcr4lyf/qbit-race: Qbittorrent utilities for racing as covered in Possibility of short announce intervals for racing torrents · Issue #11419 · qbittorrent/qBittorrent · GitHub

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