Found matching series via grab history, but release was matched to series by ID

When Sonarr throws the error ’ * Found matching series via grab history, but release was matched to series by ID. Automatic import is not possible. See the FAQ for details.’ I understand the reasoning, but is it possible to just have a button to ‘Force Import Selected’ please?

99% of those I am getting the error for are just poorly named releases, not malicious, especially older releases. Manual import is a total pain, please just provide a button (even have a confimation dialogue with a link to the faq if you want) that lets us just process them anyway. Nobody has time for alias requests.


The point of aliases, if they’re not total shit / get accepted, is that it’ll be fixed for all future releases using that series alias, for everyone using sonarr…

I understand, but in practice how many people actually go through the alias process rather than blacklist & search? I’d bet in the low single digit percentage tbh. Build something for the lowest common denominator whilst also allowing those who wish to go through the alias request process. win/win

You can already force the import via Manual Import. Click the person icon on the right side of the queue or use Manual Import from Wanted: Missing.

Yep, I’m referring to a bulk button, rather than spend time manually doing each one ie: select a hundred via the check boxes and ‘force import’ - when you set it and check back after a day and find 300 orange flagged files it’s beyond tedious to manually import every one

Not to mention the disk space taken up by those files - an easy trap for new players