Search by episode name instead of number?

It would be great if we could have an option to set up a show to search by episode name rather than number. There are quite a few shows on TVDB where TBDB has changed the episode number from what they were when they were released or they get changed on an all-too-often basis. (Disney Animated Shorts, ( Diners, Drive-ins and Dives Diners, Drive-ins and Dives -, and ( BBC Documentaries BBC Documentaries - are just a few examples. So when you search for a missing episode if it finds and downloads a missing episode, there’s a good chance it’s going to be the wrong one.

More likely to be implemented (no there’s no ETA) - Search results for 'alternative order' - sonarr :: forums

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That’d be nice, but that’s still searching by an episode number, just a different episode number, wouldn’t necessarily help with this problem.

If an alternate order is being used in releases, then either using said alternate order, or using mapping would seem to be the solution.

Very few releases include episode names, so this may not be an ideal solution either.

It’s not that they’re using any kind of alternate order they are just changing episodes around, an episode that for example was season 12 episode 6 might now be episode 8 or even season 11 episode 12 because they decided they got the dates wrong or something. So the downloads for that missing episode are listed as show s12e06 but sonarr will be searching for s12e08 because that’s what TVDB now says it is, which means instead of getting the episode you’re missing you end up getting what is now in TVDB as s12e04 or something. I know it’s not an ideal solution but in some cases, it’s better than doing a manual search for everything. And for shows like BBC Documentaries, it’s often easier to find them by episode name since that TVDB listing is an unofficial way of grouping them all together rather than an official show.

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