Custom format enhancements

  1. would it be possible to add a field to the custom format for a value to put into the filename if “include in custom formats for renaming” is enabled? ie do not use the custom format name, use this value instead. if you do not fill it in then it uses the name of the format like it does now?
    basically so we can have nice human readable custom format names but a simpler value can be used in our filenames so they dont become overly bloated.

  2. if “include in custom formats for renaming” is enabled would it be possible to also check for that value (or if not set, the custom formats name) when the custom format is being matched so we dont have to remember to add it into the custom format ourselves?

if option 2 cannot be done then could the specific wiki articles about custom formats and how they work be updated to include that information to ensure people know they have to do it themselves if they want it to work properly.

ie, if you have any release title based custom formats that you score greater than zero then you really have no choice but to include the {custom formats} token in your filename format, much like if you have a custom format checking for release groups and do not also include the {release group} token, otherwise the local filename will score less than whats being found and sonarr will grab it over and over if you have usenet, or (less of an issue) multiple times via torrents with different hashes, as it will always been seen as a higher scoring upgrade.

  1. could we get the ability to enable/disable a CF? the only option at the moment is to delete the CF and then recreate it if needed again. it gets annoying after a while having to rebuild them.

  2. could we also use tags on them? ie this CF only applies to this series or quality profile if those also have the same tag. it would mean needing to add tag support to quality profiles as well.

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