Add series name as text line for easy finding


I have lots of series. Right now when I want to find one I have to manually scan the poster artwork, which is time consuming.

It’d be GREAT if there was a UI toggle to add the series name below the poster. That way hit ctrl-F, type in “simpsons”, and boom you’re at The Simpsons.

Yes, I know about the letters on the side, but is it under S for Simpsons or T for The Simpsons? Stand Up Revolution – should be S, right? Nope. It’s under G, for Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand-up Revolution. Where do I find The Weekly? T? Nope. W? Nope. It’s actually under N, for “the new york times presents The Weekly”. Etc. ad infinitum.

Then there are the posters that have artwork that’s unreadable. Looking at you again, “the new york times presents the weekly”. The new york times is effectively microprint! And Robot Chicken and Raised by Wolves’ posters aren’t much better!

All of these problems would be alleviated with a text title line that could be found by ctrl-f or ‘search in this page’ on mobile.

Of course probably best to make it a UI toggle since invariably somebody wouldn’t like it, so have your cake and eat it too with a toggle.

Food for thought, thanks!

Sonarr > Options > Show Title

Told ya it was needed! :smiley:


New suggestion… an option to not truncate title names, but instead wrap the full line. Right now Stand-Up Revolution, if you try and find it, isn’t findable because it’s truncated to “Gabriel Iglesias Presents…” Similarly, The Weekly isn’t findable because it’s truncated to “The New York Times Pre…”

You get the idea.

Wouldn’t it be easier to use the table view?

You know there is a search box at the top?

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