Scene Naming (TVDB Naming Conflicts)


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When adding Utopia ( to Sonarr and searching for it it returns the results as an Unknown Series


I just submitted Uncle Buck and Wrecked as per scene is different. If you be so kind to add it Marcus.


SORRY!!! Made a Mistake Adding ANIMAL KINGDOM


You don’t need to tell us here.


A name I submitted was marked "Bad release name"
The Voice AU 2016 The Voice (AU) Bad release name

Does this mean there is nothing more I can do to get Sonarr to recognise this file? No manual mapping somewhere?


Could the recent submissions for Day 5 be reviewed? Spaces in the different names are all different. Episodes do not seem to be recognized. Thanks!


Correct, the release name should not contain the year, or if it does it should contain the year the series started not the year the episode aired in. Sonarr does not support release groups that add the season year to the title (such as QoQ releases).

Spaces are not important, the only difference that would matter we’re seeing is Rooster Teeth vs Rooster Teeth, the former is named wrong and won’t be added at this time as it looks like a one off mistake.


The Making Of The Mob Chicago Part 1 720p HDTV x264-BRISK
The Making Of The Mob Chicago Part 1 iNTERNAL 720p HDTV x264-W4F
The Making Of The Mob Chicago S01E01 1080p WEB-DL AAC2 0 H 264-DRACULA

These are season 2 on a TVDB but dont get picked up by sonarr. I’m guessing those groups are going by IMDB which sees it as a seperate miniseries.


I didn’t notice that they also reset the season number. They should get picked up now, though searching won’t work due to how they are handled.


Having read through most of the responses here I’m not sure if the series I’m having trouble with is a candidate or not.

I’m trying to add 2016’s The Secret Agent ( and I’m downloading from tvchaos. Their naming for these episodes looks like “The Secret Agent S01E03 (31 July 2016) HD 720p”. When I add the appropriate series in Sonarr the rss feeds don’t pick it up, but when I add sonarr picks them up from the rss feed. That’s great for the current 3 episodes, but when episode 4 drops tomorrow sonarr won’t see it because the original 1992 series only had 3 episodes.

So I’ve seen posts about series with show year problems not being appropriate; does this fit into that rule? If not this also seem like it might be specific to Scene releases, and I’m not sure if this series qualifies for that either (I’m only vaguely faniliar with what a Scene release actually is).

Don’t want to clog the pipeline with garbage…



Yes that’s a candidate add it to the list and we can get it added.


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Problems searching and importing episodes from the series “90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After”. I was able to add this series in Sonarr but am not able to search or import episodes as they are being released. Here is an example of a release name: “90.Day.Fiance.Happily.Ever.After.S01E01.Its.Only.The.Beginning.HDTV.x264” . The logs show unknown series when checking to see if this is a viable import or not. I had to manually change the name of the release to exactly match the series title. I also have the series “90 Day Fiance” added to Sonarr but haven’t had any problems with that one.


It’s the :

It will need to be added to the list.


submitted request but TVDB shows “masters of illusion (2014)” but are posted without the date


Are you posting here because you entered the same thing in both fields incorrectly (TVDB Name should be the actual name from TheTVDB)?