Scene Naming (TVDB Naming Conflicts)


We’ll add them individually, if we make changes to automate it later, we’ll remove them.

ParsingService - No matching series Iron Fist
Global BBC naming pattern

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I’m having trouble with Utopia. In The TVDB it’s called Utopia and the file name is “Utopia.S01E06.BDRip.XviD-HAGGiS”. I receive the message “release rejected: unknown series” in sonarr.


Is this the right topic to post this? The Family (2016) is on the scene as The Family, and not 2016.
I get a release rejected unknown series as well. Should i wait for a new release that has the 2016 on it or it is something that you can do?


I submitted it for you. Should be fixed soon. :grin:Continuing the discussion from Scene Naming (TVDB Naming Conflicts):

Continuing the discussion from Scene Naming (TVDB Naming Conflicts):


nice @Davoodoo, thank you very much :wink:


@great, it was added by @markus101. Thanks, much appreciated.


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I just added a new series “Bajillion Dollar Propertie$” and I’m getting “release rejected / unknown series” on what looks like a release that should work (Bajillion.Dollar.Properties.S01E01.Meet.Platinum.1080p.SESO.WEBRip.AAC2.0.x264-monkee). I see that it’s already in the google doc (twice, actually, once with a blank “status” and once as “already added”), but it doesn’t seem to actually have been added. Can anyone assist?


Nevermind, forgot about the opening posts and the forms


Can someone fix the new seried “The Catch”, i think it is reported as “The Catch US” on nzb indexers. thank you


Check the opening post :wink:


ah ok i see it is on the spreadsheet.
Thank you @Mirx_NL , will wait.


out of curiosity @markus101 when do you normally go through the list and add shows? I’m still waiting for The Catch to be downloaded.


Usually every week or so, depends what I have going on and how much there is to “add”, filtering through the garbage that people submit usually takes some time and when the amount of garbage is high because people don’t read I end up wasting too much time going through that.

Everything that makes sense has been added now.

The second one has that comment because someone failed to look at the list before submitting a new request.


Thanks, I see it now! Suggestions:

  • add a label like “AKA” or “Aliases” to indicate the list of aliases…unless that’s documented somewhere and I missed it (quite likely), I had no idea what the “bottom of the series details” was referring to
  • change “added” on the spreadsheet to “queued for adding” or something similar…it’s easy to assume that “added” means that it should already be visible…although this may not be an issue if the previous suggestion is considered

I’m a relatively recent convert from SickRage (and SickBeard before that), and have to say that I love Sonarr and wish I had switched sooner!


thanks markus, i got the episode just fine


Marvels Avengers-Ultron Revolution Marvel’s Avengers Assemble Already added



how (and when) are these added/pushed to my sonarr ?

my sonarr installation does not have an ultron revololution tag… only:
Avengers Assemble
Marvels Avengers Assemble

tried updating the series, even removed and added the series.