Sonarr v3 - Beta

At the moment v3 is considered an alpha, expect some issues, though in our testing there hasn’t been anything major. We will need help gathering logs and troubleshooting for issues, if that’s not for you, please wait for a future release.

What’s New

There is a ton of new stuff, see here for a mostly complete list of what has been closed in the v3 work.

Some highlights:

  • Uses .net 4.6.1 (previously 4.0)
  • New UI
  • Grouping of qualities in profiles
  • Remux and WebRip qualities
  • Language Profiles
  • Backup and Restore config/database from the UI
  • Manual Search is now Interactive Search (clarity between manually searching by pressing buttons and interactively selecting a search result)
  • Interactive Search filtering
  • Interactive Search for full seasons
  • Customize number of rows and columns for tabular data (series, queue, history, etc)
  • Series import
  • Debian package includes systemd startup script
  • Drone Factory has been removed, it will not be coming back, though we have plans to improve the import process outside of basic flow


Series import

Series Posters

Series Details

Quality Profile Editor


  1. Install .net 4.6.1+ ( or mono 4.6+ (
  2. Make a backup of Sonarr
  3. Download and install the appropriate version below
  4. Start Sonarr (if found Sonarr will move and upgrade the database from v2)

Download Information

All download links are available on

Reporting Issues

Please open a thread on the forums or reddit with the relevant debug logs, OS, version, mono/.net version (the same things we request normally), incomplete/low effort reports won’t get much attention; help us help you/everyone else.

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