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I come here to make a request, which may have already been formulated.

I searched hard, I did not find a way to make a preference for languages. Indeed it seems that we have only one choice of language.
But in my case, I want to be able to tell sonarr to take a VOSTFR if there is only that available, if he found FRENCH, take it instead, and even better MULTI.

I am well aware that this may come to pose a problem with the qualities sought, and this should not be the case at first … However once I reached my cutoff at the level of quality, I want to be able to choose the language automatically.

I may have been looking for something wrong with sonarr and it may be possible (maybe tagged, but I did not find out how)

Thank you



This is a great suggestion. I’m dealing with the same kind of troubles everyday.
:+1: +1 for this !


Take a look to this, may solve your problem :slight_smile:

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