Getting errors when adding large TV shows

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OS: Unraid Version 6.5.3 2018-06-12. Linux kernel version 4.14.49
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I’m unable to add large TV shows to my collection. For example if I want to add The Office (US) (9 Seasons) I get the “Request Failed. POST /api/series: Failed to read complete http response” error, but if I add The Office (UK) (2 Seasons) there is no problem at all. It only happens with large TV shows, importing from disk and searching on indexers to download. It started when I wipe my Unraid server to start clean. Radarr is working perfectly thought! And I already remove sonarr and downloaded all over again and the issue persist.

I’ve already read online that its a cloudflare issue, but I do not know how to solve it, since the solutions previusly provided did not help :confused: .


Had the exact same issue. In my case I tried connecting via VPN (Cyberghost) to have an U.S. IP and it worked for the larger shows (I live in South America). Also, you may want to try Sonarr v3 Alpha as this also resolves the issue, at least it did in my case: Sonarr v3 - Alpha

The alpha doesn’t make any changes to how information is fetched, though does target newer .net features which could impact it. Switching to the alpha is not recommended in this scenario.

Sonarr has a 90 second timeout for these responses and responses don’t take more than a few seconds to be returned in most cases. A VPN could cause problems through CloudFlare, but we’re not actively blocking with CloudFlare or our server.

Yes I noticed that adding the “shorter” series they are added in like 1 sec. I’m from South America as well. The odd part is that before I did the fresh start on the server sonarr was working as intended!

Another example I saw is that when adding Star Wars Clone Wars I get the same error, but not when adding Star Wars Rebels (fewer seasons) I think that there is some kind of issue when a series have 7 or more seasons. (I added The 100 that has 6 season without a problem).

Identical to my experience. Try the solutions I mentioned, they both worked consistently. I’m running on v3 now and it works great so far (even though it’s an alpha…)

Using Sonar V3 Alpha solved this issue! Just to letting you know :smiley:

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