ADD SHOW BUTTON: the Radarr Improvement that Sonarr should incorporate

Putting that button there IMO is so intuitive, and saves at least a click. On Sonarr it never fails that I’ll unconsciously start typing a new series into the search field, then realize my mistake, then hunt for the sonarr add button. If I’m not on the main sonarr page, I have to click to get there before I can even add a show.

Please implement this into the great original!

Add new?

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Or just search directly from the search input in v3. We’re not making changes to v2.

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Thank you both but “Add New” is off to the side, and if you’re on another page, you have to click more than once to get to it. I think it was intentional that the sonarr-inspired-forked project has added that button at the top, so it’s always visible and quick to find.

But if you don’t agree, you don’t agree! I’m extremely grateful for this app as is!

No button is needed as you just type in the search bar and hit enter and it’ll go through the add process without needing a button hit.

If you want a button, you can hit add new.

My sonarr doesn’t look like that…why?
And when I put in something I don’t have and press enter, nothing happens
And even if it didn’t, I still contend that was a brilliant modification that should be emulated.

v2 vs v3 (which I indicated in my response).

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oh sorry that went right over my head. i didn’t realize there was a new version! I’ll have to look for the instructions on upgrading to it

Hey I take back everything I said! This v3 is clean and beautiful and does not need improvement!

By the way, I installed using these instructions that I followed from a reddit post.

I recommend you make that a sticky and also update this forum post because I almost went this longer route. Sonarr v3 - Alpha

All this may not be obvious to someone like me who comes straight to the forums, infrequently.

Thanks for being patient with me! Please feel free to close.

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