Scene Naming (TVDB Naming Conflicts)


Not sure what you mean, that request is what you’re asking for, being able to force a download even though Sonarr isn’t sure what it is.

Not sure what you mean, if Sonarr can’t determine what it is during a search a release by the same name grabbed outside of Sonarr won’t solve anything, Sonarr won’t be able to import it because it doesn’t know what it is.


The Librarians (2014) looks like it’s been changed to The Librarians US, Sonarr takes a while to search for it and returns anything with The Librarians i think. I get The Librarians from a few years back in my results


The Librarians US is already setup as an alias for The Librarians (2014), likely since the series came out, which is why you’re not getting a Unknown series rejection.


It also gives me results for this The Librarians


That name was also used for releases in season 1, so its a valid name for it. Not much we can do though, your indexer returned the results so Sonarr is displaying them.


Hi Markus, I’m referring to the fact that, sometimes, if you do manual search for a specific episode, results come up that are discarded by the parser/indexer as “unknown series” but they are there, in the search results for a specific episode. If the user so chooses, why not let him use those releases for that episode. Sonarr should know which episode it was looking for, hence it should be able to name it and move it correctly.

I hope I explained it clearly, otherwise I can try to grab a screenshot showing what I mean.


Sonarr is looking for the fourth episode of American Horror Story, Season 5. I use WEB-DL 1080p as the target. The very last entry is reported as “Rlease rejected - Unknown Series”. But Sonarr knows I am looking for AHS s05e04 (it’s the title of the windows for the manual search), if I want to download that file, it should be able to name it and move it correctly.


Which is exactly what the GitHub issue I linked refers to, which you said you’ve read and you’re not convinced that it will work.

Again here it is:

Whats the concern with that issue?


First of all, sorry, I overlooked your GitHub link, automatically thinking it was the one where people were asking to be able to modify the series title directly in Sonarr, without the Google doc process.

Also, the wording of your post seemed to imply that you were linking a closed issue, not an open (albeit low priority) one.
But my bad, really.

All in all I think having the ability to manually select for download all results of manual search would take away a certain… “wtf moment” in Sonarr use. I was completely baffled by seeing the file I wanted in the list but being unable to select it for download.

Thanks, and again sorry for misunderstanding your previous post.


No problem! Just wanted to make sure we were on the same page.I will say priorities are a bit out of wack, really we have high priority (mostly bugs/issues we should fix ASAP) and everything else, we’ll be addressing that to make that more clear though.


Second episode of American Horror Story including Hotel in the release name… American.Horror.Story.Hotel.S05E07.Flicker.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H.264-RARBG


Porridge UK is rejecting releases from nzb geek folks any way we could get this one working ??


on the buses missing doing some back log searches

I can manual rename and transfer be nice to get it updated


Bump for The Magicians (2016) (TVDBID 299139)

The scene named it The.Magicians.S01E01.720p.HDTV.x264-KILLERS[ettv].mkv


We get alerts when items are added, you don’t need to bump it here.


@markus101, sorry about that. :anguished:

Thanks for getting it done. Much appreciated.

(And while I am at it; I moved from Sickbeard to Sonarr. Sonarr beats Sickbeard hands down. Thank you so much for the time and effort being put into this software. :wink:)


Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen

all episodes say “Scene number not verified yet” they seem correct on TVBD, really only need this season (5) forward…


Emphasis is mine, number, not naming, this is something you’ll need to discuss on IRC with group.


I have an issue with Once Upon A Time (2011), it seems that none of the filenames actually have 2011 in them so they never return results from the indexer.


There is a an alias defined for this series already without the year, as far as I can see. If you’re not getting results back it’s likely another issue (maybe indexer related).


There are loads of BBC series which get released with the word BBC at the beginning of the title. Can there be a global exception to check with BBC stripped from the front as well, or would we need to log each one individually?

Example would be most of the David Attenborough documentaries and almost everything which is released by MVGroup: