Scene Naming (TVDB Naming Conflicts)


I added the series to do a validation test.

15-8-5 12:57:49.0|Debug|ParsingService|No matching series A League Of Their Own UK
15-8-5 12:57:49.0|Debug|DownloadDecisionMaker|Release rejected for the following reasons: [Permanent] Unknown Series

As far as I can tell it indeed should hit the mapping.


Thanks @Mirx_NL, guess that means it’s not just me and there’s a problem somewhere else, given the title has been added to the the list. Hopefully @markus101 or someone else on Team Sonarr can chip in shortly once they have a minute and see whether that entry is indeed in the scene mapping db or has just somehow fallen off.


Fixed. I forgot to re-add the UK when I was cleaning up the name.


Thanks @markus101 - all is working perfectly now.


It looks like there is a typo for the scene name of “Who Do You Think You Are?” the UK series. TheTVDB Series Number 80522.

One of the alternate names is showing up as WhoDo You Think Your Are UK with a space missing between the first two words.

I submitted an item to the form but there wasn’t a comment field to point out the error.


Thanks, this is the correct place for corrections. The issue has been fixed.


My apologies, it looks like I missed a second error in that same string.

It is currently reporting as

Who Do You Think Your Are UK
when it should be
Who Do You Think You Are UK

The TVDB series number is still 80522.

Thanks again.


Fixed. :smile:


Hi, thanks for taking a look at my entry on the form (HBO Documentary film series) and I appreciate that it had already been added a while back, However I re-added it as it doesn’t work either manually or auto it always returns no results for DL. Any Ideas?

many thanks


I am having an issue with the naming of a show, that I don’t know how to address it by the form.

The problem is with Justice League and Justice League: Unlimited. Both are listed on TVdb as Justice League, with Justice League being Seasons 1 and 2, and Justice League: Unlimited being Seasons 3, 4, and 5. The problem that I am having is that I get a lot of download files originally named Justice League: Unlimited Season 1 and 2, which according to TVdb should be seasons 3 and 4, and they end up filled under Justice League Seasons 1 and 2. Unfortunately this means that the actual Justice League Season 1 and 2 episodes sometimes don’t get downloaded in favor of Justice League Unlimited.

Justice League: Unlimited should really be its own show.


This is not a problem that can be solved via the naming document or because of the episode number reset.


If JL:U should be its own show your best bet is to go to thetvdb and plead your case there to get them to break it out into its own show.

Be warned they can be quite unfriendly unless you have strong “Official” supporting evidence for your reasons. Scene naming is not considered a good reason.


Submitted “The Flash”, it’s being used for “The Flash (2014)” for WEB-DL releases.

One question: if the alias is added, does this need an update of the program or it’s based on a web call?


I’m going to submit another alias, for American Horror Story, that is in some releases named as American Horror Story Hotel.

Having said that, I think that the regular expression regulating TV Series names is too strict. In both this case and in the previously reported (still to be taken into consideration) The Flash, a more lax regex would have saved me (and I guess other users too) time needed at the server to fix things. Are false positives more than this false negatives? It’s an honest question, because to me it seems that the requirements are too stringent. And the fact that there are no user exceptions configurable makes this far from the fire and forget experience that it strives to be (I guess).

Thanks for your attention and all the time you dedicate to the project development.

Edit: furthermore, and this I frankly don’t understand at all, if I search manually for the fourth episode, I find the 1080p WEB-DL episode I’m looking for. It appears in the search results, as “unknown series”, but I don’t even have the option to manually download it. Why?

Edit 2: once i manually downloaded the American.Horror.Story.Hotel file for the fourth episode, I moved it to the appropriate folder. Then I went into Sonarr and clicked on “Update series info and scan disk”. Lo and behold the file was caught correctly, and it’s status changed from “Missing” to “WEBDL-1080p”. This tells me that the regex for scanning local files is less strict and, in my opinion, more effective.


Neither of these problems is a regex problem and its not about being more or less strict. Once the series title is parsed it needs to match a series, either by matxhig the series title or an alias (naming exception).

In the case of The Flash being an alias for The Flash (2014), you can’t just drop the year, this would conflict with the original series with that name unless they are released as a different name (which appears to be the case here).

In the case of American Horror Story, American Horror Story Hotel could be a completely separate series, its not, but could be and unles Sonarr knows about every series available it couldn’t guess that it’s really the same series nor do we want to guess that it’s the same.

The reason it works when you drop it in the series folder is because Sonarr doesn’t care about the series title that is parsed when a file is in a series folder, it already knows the series. That means if you drop a file for a completely different series into another series’ folder Sonarr will import it and is a big reason why Sonarr requires a series folder per series, not one folder that contains multiple series.

A false positive is in fact a dangerous thing, consider this, if you had all the files for a particular series and Sonarr incorrectly grabbed a release and replaced one episode file, would that be a big deal? Its a pretty easy problem to reverse by regrabbing the proper release, but what if it kept happing? Or what if it happened for every file in one season? Or every file in the entire series? There are thousands of Sonarr users, so it wouldn’t take much for this to be a big problem and the reason why its handled as it is.


Btw, about American Horror story. Afaik it’s just one s05e04 release so far, not whole s05. (The Phr0stY release is questionable, looks like a repost of the QoQ release, the RARBG release might be the original) I would wait till s05e05.


Hi, thanks for your answers. I checked the Responses file on Drive and I don’t see action taken on neither of the submissions. Is this because you won’t take action or it’s just a case of waiting? Honest question, no accusation or anything. :smile:

Regarding the explanation for the regexp being as they are, I understand. On the other hand I humbly suggest to devise a way for the user to manually override it. If I know that the series I want are named “The Flash” and “American.Horror.Story.Hotel”, why can’t I instruct Sonarr, for those two specific series, to take into consideration those names as well? In the case of AHS it even finds the episodes but it doesn’t allow downloading them (which I would consider a bug, even if it’s intended behaviour).

Thanks for your time and attention.

Yes, I am talking about the RARBG release for AHS.


We haven’t had time to verify and add them.

We have no plans to support a user controlled list, we much prefer the current solution that fixes it for everyone once its added. If Sonarr doesn’t understand the series you can’t forcibly add it.


Hi! Thanks for your reply.

I was aware of that github request, I read about it. Let’s say I’m not too convinced of a solution that forces the team to take care of users on a constant basis. It leads to stress for you, I think. :smile:

I humbly repeat my request to at least being able to download stuff that’s found through manual search. In that case Sonarr knows the episode the user is looking for. Even if one chooses a file not normally recognized, Sonarr knows how to rename it and where to place it. Doesn’t it?


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