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Following on from these threads here, here and here. I’m requesting if it is possible to implement the alternative ordering ability in TVDB, or allow us to manually specify episode details.

As a suggestion, when adding a series, under the series type dropdown box, have a “episode type” dropdown box which will default to “aired order” as that is probably what 90% will use, but also list other orders (i.e. extended/dvd/etc).
I realise that this may be an additional API call per returned search entry to obtain this information, but if that is too much, maybe not show it when the series is originally added, but include this box when they click “edit” on the series, so it would only be a single API call for a specific series which has already been added.

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Can get on board with this. On a side note TheTVDB needs to be dropped like a hot potato for TMDB.

currently not possible and not in tvdb’s API

we’ll see what their v4 brings and if things can be wrangled in skyhook and reworked in sonarr

If it’s not in TVDB’s API, how come Plex has an option for it?

Because plex uses more than just TVDB and built their own custom metadata aggregate

Is it possible to add a “manual list” in then, so we can manually create entries that has a “lock” option, so when it is locked, it won’t be overwritten by a refresh from TVDB, and if, such time in the future, the alternative listing is possible, we can “unlock” the manual list, to allow the refresh.

No you cannot