TVDB alternative order or a manual custom order

TVDB has introduced more options for alternative orders. (DVD, Official, Alternative, etc) Will there be an option to select one of these orders, or heck even make a custom order in Sonarr? (All manual input)

Mostly this is because of the TVDB admins and their stance on kids animated shows.

I agree, there have been several cases now where the “official” order isn’t actual the official order and the alternative actually is. for Example the kids program ‘Just Add Magic’ official order on TVDB is wrong, the alternative order is actually correct according to Amazon who make it. It would be great to just be able to select that alternative rather than disputing it with TVDB admins

Dispute? lol that will never happen there. They know everything, including more than the actual channel/company that makes the show. Their way or dont use their site, problem is Sonarr forces that site so yea…

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They think they know more. My main problem with TVDB is that they as your comment already suggests, they are hardly open for discussions. They are more stubborn than a donkey. Problem is there are hardly any other sites with such an extensive database besides IMDB who will charge you for using any of it.

Back on topic - it would be helpful to support alternate orders or even manual inputs.

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Has been discussed before, apparently it is currently too much work to change the backend data provider, even though there are numerous problems (e.g. Alternative backend to tvdb?).

This isn’t really changing the backend provider, is it? It’s still TVDB, just a choice of which order? I have to look at the API to confirm, but it can’t be that drastic of a change.

I also imagine a “local” option where the episodes are manually added to the local DB and TVDB isn’t queried

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  process the file 
else {

If the file is invalid or malformed, then just skip processing metadata.

Then document the proper format for the json file (or whatever file).