The Good Place Season 3


Sonar Version:
Synology DSM 6.2
Description of issue: The Good Place had it’s first episode as a combined E01 and E02. The online database has it as two different ones. So It’s off by one always - the current week’s episode shows in the Sonarr Calendar as airing the following week. It also doesn’t search for and find the episode automatically for some reason, even if I do a manual search for it. I have to download it separately and manually put it in the directory.

Wrong episode searched for

Those episodes should be remapped via to resolve it.

Also see:


@markus101 I checked and if I not wrong it mapped 3x03 to 3x04, 3x04 to 3x05.

Then, if I not need this mapping because my tracker up episodes correctly, What could I do?



Not sure how to use xem - registration is closed for it. The other thread has no resolution either. Can you outline what needs to be done?


You can reach out to them on IRC, the details should be listed in their FAQ.


I had this issue with this show as well. Sonarr is using the XEM mapping by default and the scene numbered things wrong basically as far as TVDB is concerned. And it seemed XEM fixed it after the fact and so I was missing an episode because I had what Sonarr thought were episodes 1 thru 4, but were really only 1 thru 3 as far as TVDB is concerned. Here’s what I did to rectify the issue.

-I had what the scene labeled as the first 2 episodes in one file
-I renamed that file to just be episode 1, then renamed the episodes labeled 3 and 4 to 2 and 3
-Sonarr then subsequently imported those and labeled them appropriately to match TVDB
-Sonarr then correctly downloaded episode 4 which the scene has labeled as episode 5

It should now stay in sync as long as the scene doesn’t change it’s labeling.

I actually agree with the scene’s numbering personally, as the first airing was 2 “chapters” which was a double length (2 part) episode. When this show is released on streaming or bluray, that airing will likely be split and it will probably match the scene numbering of episodes and not TVDB.

Hope those steps help you fix your situation.


That did the trick for me. Thank you!


NBC says it’s one episode. Just like the double length premiere for season 2 (which the scene actually got right).

Here’s the thing. I have Sonarr set to use the original title for downloads. That way obfuscated files get named correctly, and episode titles don’t get overwritten with what Sonarr thinks they should be when the release numbering doesn’t match XEM. This simplifies figuring out the missing/duplicated episodes which occur every single time one of my series gets a XEM mapping. The problem with that is none of my media players use XEM mappings, so the episode numbers, titles, and descriptions are wrong when I go to watch it.

The obvious solution is to tag a release group who got the numbering right and then I wouldn’t have to worry about it for the rest of the season. Except that Sonarr still won’t find the right episode because there’s a XEM mapping.

Out of dozens of shows with XEM mappings, I have never once found a case where it didn’t cause more problems than it solved. It would be great if we could turn it off on a per episode/season/series basis, but I’d still be ecstatic if I could just turn it off globally.


I am in the same situation as Morrigan.

I have decided to tag and filter so as to grab the release of a group that is following the correct (TVDB and NBC) numbering.

I have the first four episodes, Sonarr “sees” them correctly. It shows episode 5 as missing, if I do a manual search, it finds the correct release “s03e05” but it rejects it because:

  • Existing file meets cutoff: WEBDL-1080p
  • Quality for existing file on disk is equal or higher preference: WEBDL-1080p v1
  • Episode wasn’t requested: 3x4
  • Wrong episode

But the problem is that I am requesting 3x05, Sonarr shows 3x05 missing and I click on the relevant icon to activate manual search. The file name begins with The.Good.Place.S03E05… what more should it take for Sonarr to get the file I want automatically?


You know the XEM logic can’t be turned off in Sonarr. So follow the XEM mapped naming and don’t force sonarr to try to download releases that aren’t following the scene consensus numbering that will work with the XEM logic.

If you insist on downloading releases that don’t match the rest of the scenes numbering, you’re just going to have to manually rename them to what Sonarr expects to get it to import it. Or manually copy the file to the series/season folder and then let Sonarr handle it from there.


I’m sorry, sienar, I’m not sure I’m following.

This is XEM mapping for the Good Place, Season 3:

It correctly displays scene s03e01e02 mapped as a single s03e01 on tvdb.

As such, what is the problem with Sonarr? Or am I misinterpreting what I see on XEM and it’s in need of a fix to work properly?

Edit: markus101 said " Those episodes should be remapped via to resolve it." From what I see, the episodes are mapped correctly but Sonarr still handles them wrong. Not discounting the possibility I’m missing something, by the way, I don’t want to sound aggressive or anything. :slight_smile:


My point is that you can’t disable XEM/scene numbering translation logic in Sonarr. So by forcing Sonarr to download releases that are not following the scene numbering, Sonarr is never going to import them from your downloader correctly.

This decision is a decision to break the automation of Sonarr. So as I said, if you insist on having Sonarr download releases that don’t follow scene numbering, you need to take manual steps to import those releases.


The fact that two episodes became one threw things off, depending how Sonarr has things stored currently you may need to rename the files and refresh Sonarr to have things line up properly.

That’s because the episode released as 3x05 is actually 3x04 in Sonarr, for most releases. WEB-DL releases from p2p groups sometimes conflict with, but there isn’t a system in place to support mapping for some releases and have it turned off for others. That episode shouldn’t be returned when searching for 3x05 since it would actually search for 3x04 due to the mapping.

If you could disable for this series everything would be grabbed, but likely the HDTV source releases would line up incorrectly and the WEB-DL releases would be probably be fine (at least that’s the case for other series).


Man, I’m sorry, I’ve already explained my point of view. I am following what’s on XEM, check the link, the series is remapped for thetvdb. markus101 replied before that there was a need for a re-mapping but the remapping is in place. So either he wasn’t aware of that when he replied or the remapping is wrong.

But I’d like to understand how to make things right. You reply as that’s impossible but that didn’t seem to be the position of markus101 (see the first reply in this discussion).

Also, if I look at the Series page for The Good Place, Sonarr lists 12 episodes, not 13. So one could think that that information comes from thetvdb or the XEM correctly remapped information. But then it’s not applied when fetching new episodes as they come out.


No worries, I don’t think you’re getting all the points where Sonarr uses the XEM mapping. I think a different explanation is required.

So basically Sonarr uses the scene numbering AND TVDB numbering. But they’re used for different purposes and it uses the XEM mapping to translate between them. When you look at a series in the UI, it will always be the TVDB (or IMDB or whatever) episode numbering/info because that’s the source Sonarr uses for episode metadata. There’s no choice in that, you have to go with the metadata source numbering or you’d be doing a lot of work manually or just have no metadata to lineup with episodes.

Now, when you use Sonarr to download episodes, it uses the XEM mapping to both search/request releases AND it uses XEM mapping when it imports from the download client.

So, for example with the current season of The Good Place, if you tell Sonarr to search for episode 5, by default the actual search it runs on indexes is for releases marked as episode 6, not episode 5. Because that’s how the XEM mapping has told it the scene numbered what TVDB calls episode 5.

Now, when Sonarr is presented with a file to import from a downloader, say you had it download a release marked episode 5, it will use the XEM mapping to check that file against episode 4 in your library.

Currently none of that logic can be turned off. So, that’s why I said by forcing Sonarr to download releases that aren’t following the scenes numbering that you’re breaking the automation that Sonarr is built to do. Further up in the thread I explained how to fix your season if you have a single file called episode 1 AND 2. That basically needs to be renamed to just episode 1, and then rename your other shifting them all down 1 episode number. Then you can have Sonarr download releases numbered how the scene decided to number them, and they’ll be processed into the right episode number bundle sonarr going forward.


I don’t have a s03e01e02 file. I have them correctly (according to thetvdb) named from 1 to 4. All needed to be handled manually, as I want the AMZN release and not the others. I will handle this manually for every episode from now on and be done with it.

Thanks sienar for your explanation regarding XEM and TVDB. I fail to understand what’s the use for XEM if, when scene numbering differs from TVDB, it fails like this. I mean: what’s the point of having a second source for metadata if it doesn’t handle what (I think) it was born to do (syncing differing numbering choices)?


I’ve downloaded manually the release for s03e05. The end result was Sonarr deleting s03e04 and copying s03e05 in the target folder. These are the AMZN.WEB-DL releases which follow TVDB numbering.

I honestly fail to understand how behaviour like this can’t be considered broken.


Rename s0102 to s01 and rename the rest starting at 02. Then it will work fine. That’s what I did based on another comment on this


If I understand this thread, I think the configuration of The Good Place on xem is the issue. The scene and tvdb seem to be matching correctly while xem is mismatching the episodes. Maybe someone with a xem account can change it?

I’ve had this issue with another series where tvdb changed episode numbering after the scene releases. I agree that a good feature request for Sonarr would be to allow disabling xem for seasons and/or series. Another option could be some type of manual configuration with episode mapping for a season and/or series that could take precedence over xem…even if it was some configuration text file that you drop into the season folder that has the episode mapping defined. Of course, that’s what xem is designed to solve so…


Like I said, it’s a difference between releases, scene releases are following one numbering system and p2p another (TVDB’s), thexem is remapping the scene releases to TVDB numbering, p2p releases go against that unfortunately. Without a system to remap some releases only there isn’t a perfect solution.