The Good Place Season 3


So, like I said, you’re not understanding what I told you. You are intentionally grabbing releases that DON’T follow scene numbering and are following TVDB numbering and then asking Sonarr to process them.

The 2nd part of the XEM logic in Sonarr is when it processes the import/sorting/file moving logic. You can’t even let Sonarr see those downloads in your client or it will apply XEM scene mapping to them. When I said you need to manually download those, that doesn’t mean the “manual download” in Sonarr. The downloads need to NOT use the Sonarr category in your download client so that Sonarr doesn’t try to process them at all.

To be more clear, manually download also means you will need to move the file into your TV shows library location ALL MANUALLY. Then let Sonarr discover the file already in place, pre-numbered to match the TVDB numbering.

If you’re going to continue grabbing releases that don’t match scene numbering, you don’t want to let Sonarr process any importing/sorting logic or it’s going to use the XEM scene mapping on the episode number.

I hope you finally get the process flow at this point or I give up.


So if I’m understanding this correctly, Sonarr will not properly download season 3 of The Good Place until XEM is fixed?


No, it works just fine for most releases, any p2p releases that don’t follow the mapping won’t work properly though.


every release I’ve seen for season 3 matches the tvdb episode number and not whatever XEM is doing.

edit - hmm… looks like this is a problem beyond Sonarr’s capabilities. Some p2p releases are using the XEM episode number and tvdb episode name while others are just using tvdb for episode number and name.


Precisely for that reason an advanced option to disable XEM by series if it were necessary, would be a very good solution


Honestly I have already desisted. I do the tasks manually, but I deleted the Sonarr series to avoid problems.

It’s a shame.


Me too. I tried to register a XEM to change it, but register is closed.


Not sure what the difference is. Since the XEM mapping went in place, around episode 3 or 4, everything has worked perfect for me. TVDB episode 6 aired last night and all I see for releases is episode 7, which perfectly matches XEM mapping of the season. Maybe it’s a difference in being setup for torrent downloads vs newsgroups.

While I would like the option to disable XEM mapping on a pet series basis, I wouldn’t turn it off for this show because it’s working flawlessly for me.


This has been discussed before, and it’s mainly just a problem of scene releases vs others. I have seen talk of a new version of thexem where mappings can be applied to particular release groups only, that would solve this issue.

I’ve also seen many passionate people argue to have a setting to disable thexem (globally or per-series), and every time the devs have said no. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few :wink:


I get it. Thank you. It’s manual handling for this series in my case. No big deal. I hope in the future the situation will evolve in order to handle cases like this automatically.

Thanks for all the time you devoted to explaining this for me (and hopefully others).


The problem is that anything you use to watch the show is going to look at a file labeled s03e06 and think it’s episode 6 according to TVDB even though it’s actually episode 5. The description will be wrong where it actually matters. Additionally, automatic quality upgrades and propers/repacks have a good chance of causing both duplicate and missing episodes. Being able to disable XEM mappings would give me a way to keep the automation without screwing everything else up.


This makes no sense to me. Maybe you can explain further?

I don’t see a problem with the flow:
-scene releases a file named episode 6
-TVDB labels that episode as 5
-XEM mapping maps that scene release episode 6 to TVDB episode 5
-Sonarr will search for and download scene release episode 6
-Sonarr will then rename that download (and create corresponding metadata for it) to be episode 5 thus matching TVDB.

Are you saying there’s a circumstance where that breaks? The only time I see it break is when I see inconsistent numbering between different release groups. And when that’s happening, no matter what system you use (unless you have something tacking which group numbers by scene vs TVDB vs whatever), your automation is going to break. Inconsistent input is incredibly difficult to automate around.


There is always inconsistent numbering between release groups when XEM mappings are involved. And if I let Sonarr rename the episode to anything other than the original release title, it’s much harder to find the missing and duplicated episodes that are created when some group following the TVDB numbering posts a Proper/Repack and Sonarr uses it to replace a different episode. Which inevitably happens.

Or I want releases from a particular group for a series, because the other groups covering that series are shit. If the one I want uses TVDB numbering, Sonarr will never grab the right episode, and if I allow Sonarr to rename, I’ll have to rename every episode in the season by hand to fix it.

Then there’s the issue with the Good Place season 3. You have Scene numbering S03E01 and S03E02 both mapped to TVDB numbering S03E01, and the scene released them as two separate files. So Sonarr can’t rename both of them to S03E01.

The only thing that would consistently work would be to tag a release group that uses the TVDB numbering and disable the XEM mapping.


So that’s not what I observed from the scene on this one. I saw the first 2 scene episodes AS ONE file, that was a double episode. TVDB marked that double airing as one episode. So XEM correctly mapped scene episodes 1 and 2 to just TVDB episode 1. If you got 2 normal length, separate files for episodes 1 and 2, you got something that wasn’t the actual scene release.


I don’t care whether it’s a scene release or some other kind of release. I just want it to work with minimal intervention. XEM mappings screw that up every time.


No, it doesn’t. You’re blaming them for a problem that’s not there’s. The only time the file renaming breaks (to be clear that’s what’s breaking, not XEM mapping) and gets screwed up is when release groups don’t use consistent episode numbering. No software can magically look at an episode file and discern what episode number it is except by the name. Whether Sonarr used TVDB to scene mapping or not, if the episode numbers are inconsistent on the releases, it will get screwed up. EVERY TIME.

You’re probably not even realizing all the times where releases are numbered consistently and Sonarr uses the XEM mapping behind the scenes and you never even notice.


So I don’t know if it’s a XEM problem or not, but this search most certainly does not return “The Snowplow” episode.

I’ve downloaded this 4 times now (all different filenames) and they’re all “Jeremy Bearimy”. What’s the recommended way of getting “The Snowplow”?



If you want the WEB-DL, manually outside of Sonarr is the only way. If you don’t care you should disable WEB-DLs for the profile link to this series.

Given the conflict between TheTVDB/WEB-DL and the HDTV releases there is no ay to automate the WEB-DL grabbing given mapping.


Cool, thanks Markus. So I created this profile to work around this problem with this show. Crossing my fingers.


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