Screenshot Guide to Configure Nzbdrone

Even though nzbdrone is easy to setup I have created a full screenshot guide that I believe is noob proof.

Configure Nzbdrone - HTPC Guides


Nice Job mate I did a guide several months ago and is posted on this forum but i think this one might be a better option and i say this as someone who spent several hours doing mine for those new users.

Saying that in case something was missed or anyone needs help with something else that is not included on the great guide above here is the link to my one :smile:

Protocol77’s Noob Guide


NzbGet Installation for Windows here:

SABnzbd Installation for Windows here:

Just thought you might want to include them on the first page.

EDIT: Ignore me - just seen that there are links in the Windows section of UseNet section already.

Thanks for the feedback CBers. It is hard to organize all the guides :P.

Did you see my PM blindpet?