Scene Naming (TVDB Naming Conflicts)


@tzortst @protocol77 shows that are posted using the air date do not go on this list, it is for naming issues only. You can open a new post and we’ll get it added.

EDIT: Had all the info I needed so I added it.


@markus101 cheers :slight_smile:


@markus101 any update on adding;
3/24/2014 20:56:56 166251 Four Corners Four Corners (1961)



@tzortst added now.


there is a show that you have added but when i download it the scene name is different from what you have already added i think so it does not get scanned in and i have to manually rename it here is an example of the latest episode

Scene Name - at.midnight.140326-yestv
TVDB ID - 274099

i was going to add it to the submission form but i think the way the dates are named by the scene is what is causing the issue so it is not a generic naming issue because each episode has a different date so wasn’t sure on how to put it


@protocol77 thats a release naming issue, not a scene name.


sorry my bad yeah you are right so what should i do should i just simply keep just renaming them manually

I would assume the same thing with
for Hell’s Kitchen US

TVDB 74897

although my previous episodes did have the US in the name of the file and they went through fine


@protocol77 if its just the filename then it shouldn’t matter, since drone will read the series name from the folder name, assuming you have SAB setup properly (putting files in a folder with the release’s name).


most of my episode when put into drone factory are just put loose in there they are not in a subfolder in my drone factory folder i will try with subfolders and see if it changes anything


Just added one for The Trip, as this season it’s called The Trip to Italy.

Scene: The Trip to Italy
TVDB: The Trip

It’s only this season though so not sure what’ll happen with the next one, if there is one.



i’m the one who is dumb enough to submit “American Pickers” with the same name :wink:

Sorry to have post it that way but there isn’t a way in the page to explain a little, or maybe the issue is different then what is discussed here but then i don"t know where to post it or solve it.

So the show named “american pickers” is named this way in the scene : “American.Pickers.S06E20.Backroad.Barnstorming.720p.HDTV.x264-DHD” but NZB drone expect it like that : "American Pickers - 2014x08 - Backroad Barnstorming " , the problem is not with the name of the show but with the season convention. the scene has seasons numbered, nzb drone expect years.

If i download the “American.Pickers.S06E20” file and rename it “American.Pickers.2014x08” NZB drone accept it and it works.

Maybe i have a bad settings somewhere but it is the only show witch pose problem.

Thanks for your time and this great software :slight_smile:


@Lepouet numbering issues are handle via

American pickers is already there (, but its out of date, once its updated and approved drone will pick up the changes and it will work again.


Oh thanks, i didn’t realise this was handled somewhere else, thanks for the link :slight_smile:


Just a heads up that Rosemary’s Baby isn’t being picked up due to it being named “ROSEMARYS.BABY.PART.I.720P.HDTV.X264”.

It’s probably not worth adding an exception as it’s just a two part miniseries, but not sure if it’s worth building in something to account for this sort of thing in the future.


Part 1 is handled, Part I (that’s an I) is not, no plans to parse roman numerals to digits, things will be too complicated.


Ah yep fair enough, didn’t notice that :slight_smile:



I just submitted a request for Review and then saw that it had already been posted. Sorry about that.

Regarding the show, you said it had the wrong tvdb ID. I see that when you search by the id it doesn’t show up, but if you search by the show name you can access the page.

There is another page with a different title, but I imagine the guys at tvdb will go with Review as it’s the name on the official website.


@Rcloud that show has been a pain, changing names and multiple copies on tvdb caused issues. I have changed the ID to the one that is still there, refreshing that series in drone should fix it up.


Ok, thanks for the help (and the quick response).


With the Dead Files submission, Season 4 and 5 are not being moved properly. They are present on Xem but for some reason NzbDrone won’t move them.