Scene Naming (TVDB Naming Conflicts)


@shedrock said:
I know that The Tomorrow People (US) has already been added, but I also see the scene name as “The Tomorrow People” as well.

The submissions already list The Tomorrow People (US), but I think another entry should be added so that ND can download it. In my case it is not grabbing the 1080p releases which are released under “The Tomorrow People”

Then add it to the google doc, the process remains the same.


Reminder that this list is for naming issues only, numbering issues are not to be added here, for numbering issues go to


NZBDrone searches for Intelligence 2014 and the show is named Intelligence US, so drone finds nothing.


I’ve already added this to the request form.


3 people managed too (no one checked if anyone else had), its been added, as shown if you view the whole list.

Planning to make this a little better soon though.


I would like to say thanks for a great piece of software, I recently switched over from sickbeard and am liking it very much. I am having a small issue with the scene naming. I added a series to NZBDrone “Masterchef The Professional Australia” it found the series and added it to the list of shows. I then went into the show and clicked the master search “download all episodes for this series” button at the top of the page and it proceeded to queue up everything from my newznab indexer

Now as soon as it finished downloading I noticed it didn’t send any notifications, so I looked and it is telling me it’s an unknown series with the following error:
Unknown Series MasterChef.Australia.The.Professionals.S01E04.PDTV.x264-FQM
As you can see it seems that they named the episode differently and now NZBDrone won’t import the files that it itself queued up! Kind of ironic… hoping you can help to fix this as I don’t want to rename all this episodes my hand if possible.

Thanks in advance for any assistance and also thanks for this awesome program.


@Stryk3r please see the first post in the thread on the steps to add this to our list as well as this wiki article which explains why you’re seeing this behavior.


Thanks Markus, I renamed 1 episode by hand and it picked it up right away. So I checked and it hasn’t been requested so I filled out the form. Thanks for the quick reply and good job.


I have submitted Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden using the form. Just wanted to let you the problem with each.

Naruto will only recognize if i rename each episode from Naruto - 001.avi to Naruto - S01E01,avi

Naruto Shippuden is not recognized at all. I have even manually downloaded the first episode and renamed it to Naruto Shippuuden - S01E01.avi and it isn’t detected. I have also verified recent episode on NZB engine to make sure it is there to be found but auto and manual search in NZBDrone finds nothing.

Markus thanks for all the hard work you do.


@gardnersm numbering issues, either scene vs tvdb or absolute numbering vs S01E01 are not handled with this process, it to solely for naming issues. At this time we are not dealing with anime.


I’m having trouble getting the show ‘24 Hours In A&E’ to download. I made the request for a Scene name change awhile ago. You made the change. I later noticed it still wasn’t downloading but decided to just download manually. I didn’t deleted the series from Nzbdrone.

I just noticed this error message when Nzbdrone tries to process an episode that I have downloaded manually:

ParsingService: Unable to find 24hoursine - S05E06 HDTV-720p

Episode name:

TVDB name: '24 Hours In A&E
Scene name: '24 Hours In A and E
TVDB id: 248699


I added the wrong tvdb id, fixed now, restart drone or wait for it to update automatically (12 hours).


It looks like the new Tonight Show is handled with regular seasons, instead of as a daily show.
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 2014 02 17

Also, trakt is being weird again, I tried to add the new NBC late night lineup back in early January and where jimmy fallon worked without a hitch a month before the first show aired, Late Night with Seth Meyers still doesn’t work, although the show is on tvdb and trakt:


@MirandaU neither of these are naming issues, as described in the OP. I have added The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon as a daily show (give it a few hours to update or restart drone).

Trakt’s API does not return Late Night with Seth Meyers, nothing I can do, you can open a new thread if you wish to discuss further.


I realize these are not scene naming issues, strictly speaking, but I wouldn’t wanna open another thread for a minor issue with a single show and thought it might fit here.
Is there a submit form for daily shows similar to the one in the OP for scene naming? Is there a user accessible db for daily shows where one could see, whether a show has been added already?


The app uses this list to determine if the show is a daily show, it only contains the tvdb id:

There is no request form for daily shows as there are so few of them coming in.


How long does it usually take for a show to be added I went to request that show Resurrection TVDB Id 269650

but it appears it was already requested on the 9th March it aired yesterday and i grabbed it and it is still in the Drone Factory Today so it has been 3 days since it was added to that list (submission list)

Update: Never Mind it is now working it grabbed the episode from the drone factory :slight_smile:


Please Ignore


@markus101 How do I get nzbdrone to handle a show like Media Watch?

The episodes are released with date instead of episode number

ie: Media Watch 2014 03 17 PDTV x264-RTA

What are my options?



on the first page of this thread there is a submission form that you can fill out it will then put that request on a list that markus101 will add to NzbDrone support