Scene Naming (TVDB Naming Conflicts)


Added Matador (scene) Matador (2014) (tvdb)

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Having an issue with the show At Midnight or @Midnight it goes under both names

It was working fine then they took a break for a couple weeks and it has just started back and the last couple episodes are grabbed and downloaded but not picked up by nzbdrone and moved to the correct folder this is what the naming on the extracted files looks like

I cannot remember what if this is different from what they used to be because i never checked as it didn’t have a problem i have checked the logs and nothing seems to be there about why it is doing this

UPDATE: I think i might have figured it out if you look above it does not show a quality description so i tried one by renaming and including HDTV and then moved to drone factory and forced a scan of it and it went through

so had to rename something like this



@protocol77 The quality wasn’t important, it was the fact that it contained neither SxxExx or a properly formatted date.

The error in your logs would have been something along the lines of “unable to find episode”.


Yeah i figured that would be the case but it was just as simple to copy the filename from the folder it was in and overwrite it and it worked but good to know for future issues like this :smile:


Rush 2014, Its just being released as Rush.US.S01E02.PROPER.720p.HDTV.x264-KILLERS

ID : 280939


@bakes82 read the original post and follow the instructions there.


I am still receiving a series title mismatch for Forever (2014) releases named Forever.US. I checked the scene naming list and it shows it has been added. The specific release I am trying to import is this:


@Jauschua_Stout Its been added for a few days now:

{ title: "Forever US", searchTitle: "Forever", season: -1, tvdbId: 281535 },

If you’re still having issues please open a new thread with debug logs.


I also get the same problem still (even with build 2155:

Is the name of the file every week, so it seems the community is using Forever (2014), Forever and Forever US.


I am still having a problem with Hawaii Five-0
sonarr snatches the episode but then doesnt import it.

Series title mismatch, automatic import is not possible

In the episode activity
Source Title Quality Date
Hawaii.Five-0.2010.S05E05.720p.HDTV.X264-DIMENSION HDTV-720p Today


This one is a mess, all 3 names are added, refresh the series for it to pick it up.

This alias was added years ago, looks like your install didn’t pick up the aliases for some reason, restart drone and they should come in.


@markus101 if i manually move the episode to the drone factory folder and scan it the episode gets recognized and imported


The same process to look up the name is used in both processes. If you have issues next week please open a thread with debug logs.


Markus, I just realized that there is a problem with the show My Kitchen Rules NZ, which was added to the list in September to pick up the scene name My Kitchen Rules New Zealand. It looks like there was a typo when it was entered as sonarr is searching for “My Kitchen Riles New Zealand”.


Fixed, restart Sonarr or wait for it to update automatically.


Thanks again Markus for the help and quick response.


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Could you please add scene exceptions for Frontline (US). Here are examples of the ways that episodes are released:

PBS.Frontline.S2014E03.Syrias.Second.Front.WEBRip.AAC2.0.H.264-BTN .mp4

Thank you!


Put them on the list (look at the first post).