qBittorrent 4.3 broke ability to move files from Completed file to final location

Just a heads up that qBittorrent 4.3 broke Sonarr’s ability to access a local hard drive and move the downloaded file to it’s final location (everything on same machine). Sonarr was throwing errors about not having permission to access the folder (not running as a service) which made no sense.

I downgraded qBT and everything works perfectly.

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Yeah, until this issue is closed you’ll want to stick on 4.2.x

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Hi, I noticed that after updating to 4.3, torrents added by Sonarr had a star emoji (?) at the end of the file name. By renaming the torrent and removing that symbol, it was possible to at least complete manual import.
Reverting to 4.2.5, no more star and everything went fine.
Did you notice the star, too?

Thanks for the reply, that’s what I suspected. Rolled back. I didn’t even look into it till I was able to deal with the issue which was when I posted. I did a quick search but didn’t find anything, my bad, anyway, thanks again.

No, I didn’t notice any stars. My downloads had the proper name, qBit was reporting the torrents with a different ending on those names causing Sonarr to not find what it was looking for. I was always able to manually import. Anyway, I reverted back. Hopefully qBit will correct the issue soon. Thanks.

Really wish i had checked here before :slight_smile: Reinstalled SONARR And thousand times it feels and messed around with permissions etc… was as simple as installing 4.2.5 again … note to self check here first and don’t just google!

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I created an account specifically to research the “import failed path does not exist or is not accessible” issue I just started having out of the blue about a week ago not realizing that I did in fact update Qbitorrent. I wish I did it sooner because I was struggling for the past 2 hours to figure out what it was! Thank you so much for the tip! Worked like a champ!

Does QBittorrent acknowledge the bug (i.e. is there a tracking number?), and is there an ETA or version number to look for that has the fix?

There is, if you go to qbittorrents’ github issues.

ETA from sonarr’s point of view: for v2 I guess none, since no updates are made to it anymore. For v3 it was fixed a week ago.
So downgrade qbit or upgrade sonarr…

I’ve downgraded QBit, so things are working. But does your “or upgrade Sonarr” imply there is a new version of Sonarr that overcomes the problem?

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