Sonarr v3 suddenly won't process any downloads

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Windows 10 64bit
Description of issue: Basically as of today at some point sonarr started not wanting to process any downloads. I though it was a permission issues but finally found out that for some reason when sonarr adds a file to the download queue in qbittorrent. Let’s call it tvshow.s01e01[rartv] it’s being written to the disk in a folder called tvshow.s01e01[rarbg] and then when sonarr goes to try to process it, it can’t find the folder ending in [rartv] because it’s doesn’t exist.

I don’t know why it’s doing this but how do I stop is so things will process automatically again. I made no changes to anything on my system in last 3 days so I’m not sure why this even started.

I am seeing this exact same issue. I am running the following:
MacOS: 10.15.7 (19H2)
QBittorrrent: v4.30
Sonarr (Official Docker Container):
Jackett (Official Docker Container): 0.16.1844.0

Is there any logs or anything I could post that would help debug this issue?

It’s a known issue.