Need help with DM, Sonarr & transmission

**Sonarr version Sonarr Ver. **:
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
Synology DiskManager in Docker:
Debug logs:

Description of issue:

I’m running Sonarr in a docker on my synology NAS. I am new to this so i have no idea how to configure sonarr correctly in docker. I have watching countless videos and reading similar problems on the internet but i just can’t seem to figure it out. Hence i’m looking for help on the forums now.

I am able to find series on sonarr and add them to transmission so they get downloaded. Sonarr will not rename the download however. The download is moved to the downloads/tranmsissionvpn/completed/sonarr folder but it is not renamed (i have ofcourse enabled this in the options of sonarr)

The PGID and PUID is set to the correct user with the correct permissions

Below are the settings of Sonarr:


Below are the docker settings of transmission:


Help is very appreciated!!!

additional log files:

Next time you need to enable debug logging and post those logs (not screenshots of the text file, upload the actual text files somewhere; the template has plenty of suggestions).

Sonarr doesn’t have any knowledge of data, you either need the exact same mapping that transmission does or use a remote path mapping.

Good Day Markus101,

Thank you for responding, will upload the logs this afternoon,

I see what you mean with the data mapping but this is also the problem because “/data/” does not actually exist in my Synology nas. It’s what transmission calls the homefolder.

The exact mapping of transmission is: /volume1/TransmissionVPN/Completed/

While transmission downloads to:

As far as I know I cannot change the names of the folders that transmission uses or I won’t be able to start transmission.

Sonarr and transmission both run in separate dockers but they run on the same NAS so I thought remote mapping wouldn’t be needed.

What do you suggest I do? Make a remote path?

Your help is greatly appreciated,


It doesn’t matter what exists on the host, it just matters what exists in the container.

It may require /data for settings, etc, but you can absolutely map a different path for downloads, then set that as the default.

They’re remote in that configuration as they are in different containers, same as if they were in different VMs or different computers completely.

Ideally use a different path for downloads in Transmission. The best setup for torrents allows hardlinking which means both unsorted files and sorted files exist on the same volume within the container. For example /volume1/downloads and /volume1/tv where /volume1 is mounted to the container.

If you don’t allow for hardlinking imported downloads will be copied for seeding torrents.

Alright, so i deleted all previous settings and started anew.
I only have 1 harddisk in my NAS which is /volume1 i made a folder for Transmission after it which is called Media so (/volume1/Media). This path is mounted to /data which makes it the home folder.

I will make a folder inside the home folder of transmission for sonarr which will be called /volume1/Media/Sonarr.

You say they are in seperate dockers which means i should use a remote pathing so they can find each other correct?

What is the local path and what is the remote path in my case?

Thank you in advance,


Either that or mount /data on both side pointed tot he exact same path.

Remote is the path reported by transmission: /data/completed/Sonarr
Local is how Sonarr accesses that same path: /tv

Keep in mind you shouldn’t mix sorted and unsorted files in the same folder (ie Sonarr shouldn’t be storing series directly in /tv), personally I would use /tv/unsorted and /tv/sorted or something along those lines.

It is still unclear for me how exactly i should map the folders.
Should i map them like below?

Sonarr docker settings
Transmission docker settings
Transmission download directory
Transmission incomplete download directory

I also want to use radarr so it wouldnt make sense for transmission to send all the completed downloads to /Sonarr/unsorted

What would be the perfect way to sort this thing? could you explain to me with the paths, its easier to understand for me that way. For example:

docker transmission path:
Media/ -> /data
transmission path:

docker sonarr settings
Media/sonarr/sorted -> /tv
Media/completed -> /downloads

No, that way you have different volumes for unsorted files and sorted files, forcing a copy, instead of allowing for hardlinks.

I’d map Media to /media in both containers, tell transmission to put downloads in /media/downloads and Sonarr put series in /media/tv. That way you get hardlinks and don’t need a remote path mapping in Sonarr.

So like this?

Sonarr docker settings:

Transmission docker settings:

Transmission download path:

Also, should i put in the sonarr settings -> download client -> transmisson.-> category -> tv?

like this?

Drop the /tv mount, but otherwise that looks good.

Yes, using a category is recommended and tv is fine.

Ok i dropped the /tv mount.
I got this error now:

How would sonarr know where to put the unsorted downloads and the sorted downloads now?
I have no idea in what folder i need to put my TV series now.

It seems i just don’t have any idea how the docker actually works haha.

Okay, so i tried downloading an episode, in transmission it shows that it finished downloading but it is no where to be found on the NAS. I think its because i didnt map /downloads in the docker, could that be?

i actually searched every folder on the NAS and i can’t find the download, no idea where he downloaded this to…

On sonarr i get this error. This is obviously because sonarr can’t find the download either…

Also, this should be the path for new series in sonarr correct?

Sonarr doesn’t put unsorted files anywhere, unsorted is what the download client does.

/media/.tv would be my suggestion.


/Media is not the same as /media looks like your transmission is saving to the wrong folder, go to the transmission web UI and change the path for the downloads to /media and move anything that’s already been started.

Yeah, that’ll work.

I changed the folder name to /media and changed all the paths so they link correctly to that folder.

Are you sure i shouldnt mount the media folder to /data?

The dockerhub page of transmission/haugene shows it should be /data i think

/data is the example they use. What you map it as doesn’t matter, you already had media so I suggested that.

This is getting outside of Sonarr and into docker config, which is covered plenty of times here and in other places. Is very useful.

Ah ok, will use /media.

I will also check the Reddit thread.

But it seems it is a config problem regarding sonarr,

If I add a download manually they are downloaded to my Nas but if I do it through sonarr the download is nowhere to be found.

Also I just tried to find series through sonarr but it appears it can’t even find South park while I tested my indexers and they both work.

Did you tell Sonarr to tell Transmission to put them in a different directory? (Not a category, a different directory).

That’s going to be something else to look into, but fix one before the other.

i also have the same problem.
manual tranmission downloads work fine, sonarr pushed downloads to transmission disappear into the ether.

to answer @markus101 question, i haven’t told sonarr to tell transmission to put them in a different directory.

i have no idea what you mean by this, do you mean in the docker settings? Settings are as below.
The category is still tv like you suggested

this is the download path for series

i think he means this (the directory field).

Dont use sonarr on docker, to many issues and complicated setup. Install it direct to synology and use download station as your download client.
follow this TUT.