Change sonarr user account

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: 22.04 LTS
Debug logs:
Description of issue: I have been reading through posts and searching online to try and work out if sonarr has a user account to no avail. What would the default account be? and if I wanted to change it where would i do this?


*This is a little more a how-to *nix than a how-to arr question… however, hopefully below is enough to help
Not sure if you’re running native or docker which would affect things somewhat.

Good stuff thanks fanboy, there’s some interesting links there. the second link states:
Yes, thank you, I just found the systemd service using search in nautilus in another location in /usr . Changed the user there in sonarr.service, and data folder too, and had to move data folder from location to correspond this user. All working flawlessly now.By the way, despite the security aspect, this is the most effective way to solve the problem that appears to much in this forum in similar ways as “not permited, denied, failed to import, etc”

My understanding here is that i must move my data to the OS drive in order for me to overcome the failed import, is this correct?

I’m not sure either, all i have done is install sonarr so i expect native. Seems docker is a database driven file system that obviously has its advantages, but for me adding a folder has become a multiple day ordeal so I think i need to keep this as simple as possible lol.

The security aspect is the whole point of the separate user. It’s like saying I use the same password for everything because then I only have to remember one. Sure it works but it’s not at all best practice and just invites trouble.

My recommendation since you seem like you are doing initial setup is to follow the linked trash guide which will guide you through setting up proper paths, permissions and application settings that will work with the default user.

You are correct ive upgraded to 22.04 so am reinstalling sonarr from scratch.
One of the guides I found for creating a SMB share wanted me to create a file with the username and password for the smb share i was trying to create, to do this I need to know if there was a username, what it was and what the password is as well. But as usual I’m probably headed the wrong way into a hole with no way out. I installed cifs-utils chasing this, should uninstall it?

I’ll work through the guide again and see if i can work out what I am meant to do.

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