Changing Sonarr user account

Currently Sonarr is running under user account “sonarr”, specified in sonarr.conf. If I were to change this to a different user and restart sonarr, what would happen to the application and my settings. For example. If I change user account with CouchPotato, when it starts, it starts from scratch and you have to add back in providers, options,etc…is sonarr the same way, will I use all my settings from the current “sonarr” user if I switch to starting with a different user account?


It will behave the same way, settings are stored per user (except on Windows), easiest way to migrate would be to backup and restore.

Thank You, appreciate it…

@markus101, thank you i’m all set. I followed the instructions, worked out well. However, I would add to the instructions to reset owner and permission to /opt/NzbDrone folder. After copying the .config/NzbDrone folder to the new user and resetting permissions on files/folders, the application started with a warning under System>Health, failed to access the /opt/NzbDrone folder. Setting those permissions and restarting Sonarr resolved the problem.

Lastly…reset permissions on the folder that contains TV Shows, as the new user may not have permission for Sonarr to write to that directly.

thanks again.

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