Change user sonarr is running v3 beta

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OS: Debian 10
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Hi, please I need to change the user sonarr is running to solve a problem in this latest v3 beta for me. I tried a systemd service but I instaled with apt-get and it did not created a systemd service. I just need to know how it is autostarted to change the user parameter. Thanks.

The v3 debian package includes a systemd service, you should be able to over ride settings within it. Or alternatively, backup Sonarr, remove the Sonarr package and re-install it choosing the user you want during installation.

Yes, thank you, I just found the systemd service using search in nautilus in another location in /usr . Changed the user there in sonarr.service, and data folder too, and had to move data folder from location to correspond this user. All working flawlessly now.
By the way, despite the security aspect, this is the most effective way to solve the problem that appears to much in this forum in similar ways as “not permited, denied, failed to import, etc” since running sonnar as the same user of your session it will smoothly deal with your folders and put things in plex or emby etc. Thanks.

You’ll want to override the config (systemd has methods for this) otherwise on re-install/upgrade the systemd file could be reset and your settings lost.

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