Year release not added on series folder when renaming

Hi everyone,

I have been doing a bit of research on the forums, Sonarr FAQ-WikiArr and Google, I have seen people with the same issue that I’m having, but none of their solutions worked for me.

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I want Sonarr to rename my series folder with the (“Title” - “(Release Year)”)
e.g "The Good Doctor - (2017) > Season 1 > “The Good Doctor - S01E01 - Burnt Food HDTV-720p”

Current renaming format

“({Series TitleYear} - S{season:00}E{episode:00} - {Episode Title} {Quality Title}”

Sonarr is adding the release year to each episode rename instead of adding it to the main folder.

I have tried the following with no success,

  3. Tried using Radarr renaming format (Of course I knew it wasn’t going to work, eager to try lol)

Would anyone be able to assist please :dizzy_face:

Filename has nothing to do with the folder name…you need to change the folder name schema. This is clear in the UI and the wiki settings page, it’s an advanced setting.

What makes you think setting the filename has anything to do with the folder name?

Hi there firstly,

Thank you for responding. No need to be snarky. I clearly made a mistake by not checking the advanced tab (I’m a bit rusty).

Clearly you are one of those people that make a community toxic.

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