Wrong episode searched for



A show I watch (The Good Place) hadn’t showed up so I went to check it out. It apparently had downloaded but did not import. I can’t recall the error exactly, should have written it down. It was something about the number of episodes being more than in the file or something like that. The file it downloaded was s03e03 but it seems to think it was s03e02. It showed s03e02 on import. Last week it downloaded s03e01e02 in one file. When I do a manual search for s03e02 it shows files for s03e03. Searching for s03e03 shows no files. I looked at thexem.de at I don’t think that’s it. Any ideas?


It’s likely because of the original release being listed as episodes 1 and 2 while TVDB thinks it should only have episode 1 and episode 2 aired the week after. You may need to manually import it to resolve it, but it should be good moving forward.


Ok. I did manually import it. I know two-part episodes tend to cause issues on first release due to variations in episode count across sites so I was pretty sure it was something like that. Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t something more. Thanks.


I have same problem, but I have episode 3x01 and 3x02 as separate files.

I tried to search manually 3x03 and Sonarr tried to search S03E04.

I remove serie at Sonarr, and add it scanning disk. The Sonarr download new episode 3x03, but overwrite the real 3x02 with this episode.

Now I remove serie, download manually 3x02, rename 3x03 to its correct name, and I´ll wait to next week to see what do Sonarr with 3x04 episode.