Wandavision series always TBA

I’ve noticed that the titles of all episodes of Wandavision always gets delayed around 2 days after being aired. This causes the import to always have a “TBA” title and a delay of 24 hours after being downloaded initially (expected behavior). Whose fault is the delay in episode titles though?

It’s the same as it’s been for every post where titles are TBA or episode information is missing, TheTVDB has a 24 cache on their API.

I see, but why does it only happen to Wandavision out of all the shows I have? Probably because Wandavision is a new show, right?

Probably later to update titles, beyond that, no idea.

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Probably because Disney doesn’t release the episode titles in advance, so they don’t get added to TheTVDB until after the episode is released and don’t make it through the caches to Sonarr for a couple of days after that.

It would be really helpful if Sonarr, on finding a TBD title checked to see if there was a ‘real’ title available and updated it accordingly

As long as TheTVDB is the only data source, I’m not sure there’s anything Sonarr can do about it for the ~24hrs that the real title is on the other side of TheTVDB’s API cache.

I understand that it can’t do anything about the cache, however I’m not sure how sonarr handles name changes, I just think that any time sonarr finds a TBD it means ‘let’s do a look up’ (well maybe not every time as you don’t want us doing single name hunt to the exclusion of everything else!

Do a lookup where? TBA episode names come from thetvdb, and thetvdb is the sole source that sonarr is using.
When it’s updated there, and around 24-36 hours later due to various caches, it will be updated in your sonarr…

On a personal note, not aimed at anyone: I never saw the point of having the episode name right now. Kodi or Plex or whatever you like keep track of what you watched anyway. I don’t need to know or remember the episode titles.
I agree it looks nicer than an entire season of TBA, but it doesn’t prevent me from watching, and it’s fixed automatically eventually…
The other use case, having the episode title in the name of the file is (in my very humble opinion) completely useless. That’s metadata that belongs in whichever application you use to watch series, see above. Files need the minimum amount of information to reconstruct what they are after your sonarr installation is wiped out. Series name, season and episode number (or daily, or weird anime numbering), quality, release group (if you care about this).

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