Little problem with sonarr

Sonarr version :

Hello, I currently have two small problems on sonarr it seems to me quite simple to solve but I can not find how.

the first: when I download series with sonarr I have two folders for example for the “wandavision” series I will have the “wandavision” folder created by sonarr and the basic download folder

the second: on some series when I launch the search they will download but at the end of their download, sonarr will not put them in the files as it should, they remain in my download queue indefinitely.

there you go, thank you very much for your answers

  1. what’s the problem?

  2. check Queue under Activity, it will tell you what the issue is, and you can choose to remove or manually import. In the case of WandaVision - Wandavision series always TBA