Unable to Communicate with QBittorrent [400:BadRequest]


Sonarr Version
Windows 10
Logs: https://pastebin.com/aTrV7FfP

File rename is messed up for me too. File names don’t match the setup I have in Sonarr.
It’s in conjunction with completed downloads not being removed from qBitTorrent.

File Rename/Move no longer working

Based on the logs Sonarr can’t connect to qbittorrent.


That’s what it looks like, but why is that happening?
I’m downloading episodes through Sonarr, so clearly it is connecting for that.

Also screenshot shows that the connection was made and is maintained. It did go haywire a while back with an integer JSON error but that was just for a day.


I don’t know why qbittorent is rejecting the requests. probably best to check their logs. Moving these to a new thread because it’s a different problem, or at least better to keep it separate and no hijack the thread.

Which version of QBittorrent.


Didn’t mean to hijack :slight_smile:

Qbittorent is v4.0.4 32bit. From what I see in the logs, it pauses as expected but because it doesn’t connect to Sonarr, it doesn’t get removed from the download list.



Do Qbit’s logs show anything indicating why the response is a 400? Generally that means the request wasn’t valid, but I’m not aware of any changes.

Try downgrading to qbit 4.0.3, another user mentioned issues (might not be related to Sonarr), so I’m not sure if something was changed that broke it.


Downgraded to 4.0.3 but I’m still getting the same error.

Anyway I can downgrade Sonarr to the version to check out if this issue still exists, in Windows 10?


I guess you figured it out.

markus101Team Sonarr2d1
Pushed a fix to develop, looks like I added the category to remove by mistake (instead of adding a torrent file).

Will wait for update.


I’m having the exact same problem. Tried downgrading to qbit 4.01 and still the same issue

Used to work perfectly but now its a bit of a mess at the end of every day - lots of cleanup

I don’t know what you meant by this “Pushed a fix to develop, looks like I added the category to remove by mistake (instead of adding a torrent file)”

COuld you explain please? thanks


Try searching. Cheers.


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