Stop after cutoff is met and ignore preferred tags

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Ubuntu 20.04

Description of issue: I ve been looking for an answer to my question in a lot of topics on this forum, but found nothing, so I must create a topic.
I would to ask the opposite question of this guy. In the same “profile context”, I would like to be able to not grab a release with a preferred word if I already met my cut off by quality. For example, when my cut off is 1080p WEB-DL, I would like:

  • if 2 releases are found (a simple 1080p WEB-DL release and 1080p WEB-DL AMZN release) => it grabs the second one (Sonarr is doing that, so it’s OK for this case) and it never grab anything else.
  • if during the first search only 1 simple 1080p WEB-DL release is found => it’s grabbed, but I would like it to stop there, and do not grab anything else, even if 5 hours later there is a same quality release with a preferred word in it

Is it possible?
Thank you

What if you uncheck Upgrades Allowed in the quality profile?

@fanboy I’ll try it. I think it might work and it will no longer grab same quality with preferred word. But I think the problem is that it also means that I will no longer take advantage of the basic “cut off” system (so it will never upgrade a release from 720p to 1080p).

Preferably, I would like to have both, upgrade of quality but without upgrade to same quality with a preferred word.

Correct. In the question you asked you were only mentioning 1080p releases so my answer was with that in mind. If you are using a Quality profile that incorporates more than 1 quality, then no, if it finds a lower quality release first it will not upgrade with that option unchecked.

As to whether both is possible; will have to wait for someone more knowledgeable to chime in.

@fanboy I tested it today, disabling “Upgrades Allowed” didn’t help. I had a second release, with same quality, grabbed again, just because it had a preferred word in it.

Ah ok, so preferred word takes precedence. Might have to wait for Markus to comment then. Perhaps it’s not currently possible to restrict it in this manner.

It’s not currently possible to stop upgrades based on preferred words.

I’d also like this feature. Is there any way to work around it?

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