Cutoff quality and Preferred Tags


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OS: Synology DSM 6.1 (dockered sonarr from

Description of issue: It is rather a question than an issue.
I’ve read that you guys were against implementing the custom format from radarr so I’ve tried to play with the preferred tags instead.
But i have a question. I’ve setup numerous series with cut off quality at 1080p WEB-DL but also some preferred tags like AMZN or NF or dolby, …
Sadly it will happen that a 1080p WEB-DL release is out before an AMZN one is. Will sonarr keep looking automatically for those preferred tags if the cutoff quality is met ?
If not, radarr has a custom format cutoff setting, could be an idea to have a cutoff score setting based on the preferred tags (if you really are against custom format still)


Yes, Sonarr will upgrade within the same quality on the basis of the preferred words score.

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