Steady Memory Increase


Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version:
OS: Ubuntu 16.04
Debug logs: None Available
Description of issue: Sonarr (and Radarr) steadily use more and more memory until crashing my server which has 4GB of RAM. I get between 1-2 days of uptime before my server crashes. I didn’t have this issue previously, but I updated Sonarr in October and possibly mono as well. I’ve googled this extensively, and it sounds like potentially it’s a mono issue. Do I need to roll back to an older version of mono? The only way I’ve been able to mitigate this is restarting Sonarr and Radarr daily. Here is the most recent reference I can find to the issue:


I’ve seen a few topics lately with mono 5.16, markus101 (dev) recommends downgrading mono for now. I think 5.14 is safe…


I rolled back to 5.14.0 and it appears the issue still exists. Can anyone confirm if I need to roll back further, and to what version. I was digging through the link I included at it mentions mono 5.8 several times, is that the ideal version?


I just posted about this issue at the following link.

Read my reply to markus, I had the same issue.


So I am still on, do you think the key to fixing the issue was upgrading to 18.04, or was it purging and re-installing Sonarr? I am a little worried that upgrading to 18.04 will break some of my other services. Right now I have a chronjob setup to restart the services to keep the memory usage in check.


It’s not clear that the issue was fixed. The edit on that post says the version got upgraded to v3, and before that the poster says v3 exhibited the problem


I updated to 18.04 and used Mono 5.14 and the issue is still persisting. Maybe I’ll try rolling all the way back to 5.12 or 5.10.


you could docker it? its a nice way to isolate it from your os and other apps. you do tend to be stuck with the images that are out there though unless you learn a bit more and roll your own

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