Sonarr v4 Released

Sonarr v4 Released

After a year of development and almost 1000 commits by more than 100 contributors Sonarr v4 is officially launched and out of beta. There are hundreds of changes to both the UI and the backend, and as such an upgrade is not backwards compatible.

The major changes include:

  • Upgrade to .NET 6 - this removes the mono dependancy and brings a nice speed upgrade
  • Custom Formats replace the old Preferred Words - Gain much more control over the releases Sonarr chooses. Note that the migration here is tricky and you will need to rework the migrated custom formats
  • ffprobe has replaced MediaInfo - no more crashes from failed media scans
  • Dark Mode!
  • Automated API documenation (found at Sonarr API Docs)
  • Language profiles removed and integrated into Custom Formats - guidance on how to implement them can be found at How to setup language custom formats - TRaSH Guides
  • Authentication is required by default - prevent unauthorized users from accessing your Sonarr instance
  • Mass Editor has moved to the standard Series Overview page (use the select series button)
  • UI langauge is selectable and translatable - contributions can be made at
  • Notifications - support additional providers and new notification triggers
  • Import Lists - support for additional providers
  • Auto Tagging - let Sonarr tag your shows based on several conditions
  • Quality Size Preference - additon of preferred size option (on top of the min and max size settings)
  • Additional montitoring options - choose how Sonarr monitors future seasons
  • Override and Grab - tell Sonarr what you’re manually grabbing if it parses incorrectly
  • Test parsing popup in the UI
  • v2 API endpoint has been removed
  • Hundreds of release parsing improvements
  • and much more…

How To Upgrade

V4 has now been pushed to the main branch. Updates will happen differently depending on how you have Sonarr installed on your system.

  • Docker container providers will update their :latest tag to v4
  • Native versions for Windows, MacOS and Linux have been published and are available to download from They will need to be downloaded and installed manually, updates will not happen via Sonarr. Note that x86 releases are no longer available for Linux.
  • When upgrading a linux install, you will need to update your sonarr.service file so that the ExecStart line no longer references mono. an example of how it may look can be found here:

Make sure to make a backup in v3 first before upgrading to v4 incase anything goes wrong and you need to roll back.

Issues when upgrading

If you had a lot of preferred words in Sonarr v3 then you will see many migrated custom formats in v4. These will need to be edited or deleted and readded. The {Preferred Words} naming token is also replaced with the {Custom Formats} token. Check your naming strings.

Due to multiple database migrations we’ve seen that some corrupt databases that were doing OK in v3 have broken in v4. You can try to follow our corrupt database repair guide Useful Tools | Servarr Wiki or reach out to one of our Support channels.

Due to the move from mono to .NET 6 there may be some small changes required to your Reverse Proxy: Sonarr v4 Beta FAQ | Servarr Wiki

Moving from Develop to Main

Now that v4 has released, the develop and main branches are currently equal. On systems that support automatic updates through Sonarr you should be redirected back to main automatically. Otherwise please update you branch and updates as necessary if you’d like to return to main releases.

Users that wish to stay on develop will need to manually change their branch after updating to at least