Sonarr v4 Develop not updating download activity after successful import

Sonarr version (exact version): by
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows): 6.0.13
OS: linuxserver container on Rocky 9.1
Debug logs:
Process Monitored Downloads Task Runs
no errors
Downloaded Episode is Imported
no errors
Download directory for the episode is deleted as per settings
no errors
Process Monitored Downloads Task Runs second time
Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: /downloads/tv/REDACTED. Ensure the path exists and the user running Sonarr has the correct permissions to access this file/folder

Description of issue:
I am getting “Import Failed” errors in my logs but this is because the import previously succeeded and the file correctly no longer exists. It seems Sonarr has lost its ability to mark episodes as downloaded even though every procedure has succeeded.

I am having to manually clean up the Activity log periodically as a workaround. I think this issue might be related to Sonarr Deleting Torrent But Not Importing

This happens with new episodes which have never been downloaded before.

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I have noticed that all of the downloads which are failing to be deleted after import are upgrades. Downloads of new episodes are not affected.

You’re probably not going to get a response without the debug logs that will tell the entire story about what’s wrong…

I am sorry I wasn’t more clear in the initial post that there were no errors to share. Debug logs were not showing any anything interesting during the same time sadly so I had nothing to share. This was a case where the failure was happening silently. Luckily after updating to by, my problem has been solved!

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