Sonarr v4 - Beta

After months of development and over 100 commits Sonarr v4 is ready for beta testers. There are a number of major changes and even more minor changes. Some of the changes are considered breaking changes and as DB migrations are not backwards compatible. Thanks to everyone that contributed, especially Qstick and ta264 for helping port over a number of changes from Radarr.


  • v2 API has been removed
  • Upgraded to .NET 6, mono is no longer supported
  • Custom Formats, replacing Preferred Words in Release Profiles
  • MediaInfo has been replaced with ffprobe
  • Linux x86 and BSD are no longer supported
  • Light/dark themes
  • API documentation
  • Support for original language when available
  • Language profiles have been replaced with Language support in Custom Formats, giving you more control on upgrading
  • Authentication required by default. In order to secure Sonarr from unauthorized users and to protect your private credentials Sonarr will now require authentication to be enabled when accessing the UI for the first time after installing or upgrading to v4

A full list of changes is available on GitHub


As v4 has several breaking changes you will need to manually install Sonarr v4, we recommend creating a backup of Sonarr v3 and keeping it in a safe location to ensure everything is working as you will not be able to downgrade to v3 without using a backup from v3 or starting with a new DB. Sonarr v4 will automatically upgrade the database from v3 to v4 when it’s run for the first time.

  1. Download the appropriate build of Sonarr v4
  2. Install Sonarr v4 (run installer or unarchive and move files as necessary
  3. Run Sonarr v4
  4. Log into Sonarr, if necessary configure authentication

Note currently v4 is not included in our Debian/Ubuntu repository. You will either need to install it manually or use an alternative installation method.


Please use our support channels to ask questions, report issues or provide feedback with the v4 beta, if necessary you may be asked to open an issue on Github, if you’re asked to open an issue on Github please provide a link to the original discussion along with all other requested information.

Download Links

Windows (7 SP1 or newer)


macOS (10.5 Catalina or newer)



  • linuxserver:
  • Hotio: hotio/sonarr:nightly